Building Marshal Program

Definition of Program

The Building Marshal program was established to provide local contacts for management and coordination of crime prevention and emergency response protocols for evacuations, lock down, or any other required emergency response. The Marshals shall participate in evolving the program to be relevant to all areas of the University while providing Department of Public Safety and Facilities Management with feedback and upgrades to improve the University's ability to respond to any situation.

Building Marshal Description

The Building Marshals and alternates shall be aware of all Emergency Procedures and Protocols for the safety of University personnel and property. They will assist in informing all building occupants of proper procedures for building emergency or evacuation drills in preparation for any actual emergency. In addition, Building Marshals may act as a crime prevention liaison with the Department of Public Safety and the occupants of their building.

The contact list for Building Marshals is updated periodically by the Office of Campus Resilience. The most current roster is located here.