Emergency Assembly Areas

Before an emergency, determine the nearest exit to your location, the safest route to follow, and an alternate exit. Building evacuation routes are posted in all campus buildings. Leave the immediate area but remain available to emergency personnel. If time permits during an evacuation, secure your workplace and take personal items such as keys, bags, medication, and eyeglasses. In case of fire or other dangerous conditions, evacuate immediately  and leave personal items behind. Remember to follow directions given by the Building Marshals.

  1. Immediately evacuate. Walk, do not run.
  2. Do not use elevators.
  3. Seek out people with special needs and provide assistance. The Department of Public Safety will provide assistance as needed and can be reached at 415-422-2911.
  4. Gather outside at your designated relocation area where your supervisor or Building Marshal will take roll and account for all personnel.
  5. If you cannot return to your building, wait for instructions from the Department of Public Safety, your Building Marshal, or other individual in charge. 

In the event of a major hazardous situation to campus, it may be necessary to relocate university personnel to a relocation site listed below. Your Building Marshal will direct individuals to these areas. Stay clear of fire hydrants and responding emergency vehicles, equipment and personnel.

Zone Buildings in Zone Primary Assembly Site Secondary Assembly Site
1 Koret Center Negoesco Field Turk Street (North Side)

Cowell Hall

Kalmanovitz Hall

Welch Field Fulton Street (South Side)
3 St. Ignatius Church and Parish Welch Field Parker and McAllister (West Side)

Kendrick Hall

Zief Law Library

Welch Field Parker and Fulton (North side)

Fromm Institute

Fromm Residence Hall

Gleeson Library

Harney Science Center / CSI

University Center


Welch Field Golden Gate Avenue Sidewalk (North Side)

Toler Residence Hall

McLaren Conference Center

Malloy Hall

Memorial Gym

CSI Plaza Golden Gate Avenue Sidewalk (North Side)

Gillson Residence Hall

Hayes Healy Residence Hall

Golden Gate Avenue Sidewalk (North Side) Golden Gate Avenue Sidewalk (North Side)

Lone Mountain Pacific Wing

Lone Mountain Rossi Wing

Lone Mountain Main

Lone Mountain Parking Lot / Spanish Steps Lone Mountain Grass / Turk Street
9 Loyola House Lone Mountain Main/Cafe Lone Mountain Grass / Turk Street

School of Education

281 Masonic

Masonic Avenue (East Side)

Turk Street (South Side)
11 Lone Mountain North Residence Hall

Lone Mtn North Ramp in front of Loyola Village

Lone Mountain Park Lot / Spanish Steps
12 Loyola Village Residence Hall Anza Street (North Side)  
13 Lone Mountain East 

Lone Mountain Grass / Turk Street

In front of Loyola Village