Employee Card

One Card Operational Hours Update

Please note our office is currently working remotely due to University compliance with San Francisco’s COVID-19 Shelter-in-place mandate so some instructions may have changed. If you have any questions please email us at onecard@usfca.edu.

If you require immediate assistance, please contact Public Safety Dispatch at 415-422-4201 or dispatcher@usfca.edu.  

If you are a new USF employee (faculty or staff), you should obtain your USF One Card within your first week of being hired. If you work at a regional campus, please visit our Branch Campus page for more information; otherwise, please read on...

Prior to obtaining your first One Card, we ask that you:

  • Visit the Human Resources Office, Lone Mountain 339, and speak with the receptionist who will confirm that your new-employee account is complete
  • Receive, from HR, a New Employee USF ID Card Request Form to present to the One Card Office
  • Bring a valid type of government-issued photo ID (e.g., a driver's license, state ID card, or passport) to the One Card Office - your first One Card will not be issued to you without it

Please note that you are expected to retain this card throughout your employment at USF. If you experience a break in your time here, you should return your One Card to your supervisor who either should destroy the card by shredding it, or return it to the One Card Office.

While we do not charge anything for cards that experience normal wear-and-tear, there typically is a $15 replacement fee for all other lost or replacement cards. However, if your cardholder status changes (e.g., from part-time to full-time staff), you should replace your One Card, at no cost, to reflect the change.

Similarly, if you attend classes while employed at USF, as part of the Tuition Remission Program, you should replace your original One Card, free of charge, with a new one that reflects your dual status as both employee and student.

*Refer to the Replace a Card page for additional information.