Request for Approval of New / Changed Programs (NCAP)

Requests for approval of new programs or of changes to existing programs are submitted on behalf of a college or school by an Associate Dean or other assigned representative. All requests are ultimately reviewed by the deans and approved by the Provost. All requests must be made through the New or Changed Academic Program Request Form.

Before submitting the request, please be sure to review the details below.

Due to the complexity related to the approval and implementation of some new programs, or certain changes to existing ones, college/schools should allow sufficient time for processing. Please note that if the change involves WASC approval, the process may take up to 8-12 months. Please contact Shirley McGuire, Senior Vice Provost (x6136) to estimate the timeline.

Types of Requests

The following types of requests should be submitted using the New or Changed Academic Program Request Form.

  • New Program Request: if a college or school is proposing a new program, use this form to submit the proposal. See details below for the information that is required to successfully submit a New Program Request.
  • Add a New Site to an Existing Program: to request the addition of a new site where an existing program will be delivered for the first time.
  • Program Relocation from Site A to Site B: to request a change of an existing program's site from one location to another.
  • Change of Curricular Requirements: to request any changes to an existing program's curriculum. This does not include requests for a new course or a change to an existing course, but is specific to any curriculum changes that affect the entire program, such as changes to required coursework, number of credit requirements, or any changes that should be reported to our accreditors.
  • Change to Degree or Program Name: to request a change in an existing program's degree or name.
  • Termination of Program: to request the termination of an existing program. Please note that a teach-out period may be required.

Required Information for a New Program Request

The New Program Request process goes through two phases:

  1. College/School Review: Basic details about the new program are submitted for initial review by the college/school dean. The dean will indicate that the proposal can proceed to the Associate Dean to work on budget details and to the college/school curriculum committee (if necessary) or that the proposal should not proceed, at which point the request is closed. After the budget is reviewed by the Vice Provost for Budget, Planning, and Effectiveness, the dean indicates if the proposal may move on to the second phase.
  2. Provost Office Review: During this phase, the proposal and all the supporting information is automatically submitted to the Provost's Office. The proposal is reviewed again by the Vice Provost for Budget, Planning, and Effectiveness to ensure an appropriate budget is developed and often, by the Provost's Council, facilitated by the Sr. Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

The required supporting documents that are gathered during the first phase and completed before the second phase, include the following:

  • If applicable: any external partner information, including the signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs). All MOUs must be signed by the Provost upon the recommendation of the Senior Vice Provost.
  • Admission requirements and teach-out plan.
  • Any special space requirements (some changes require approval by accreditors)
  • Curriculum description, including the overall description of and rationale for the program, program goals, student learning outcomes for courses and/or syllabi, a curriculum map, a three-year assessment plan, and a sample schedule, admission requirements and teach-out plan, any special space requirements (some changes require approval by accreditors).
  • Admission requirements and teach-out plan
  • Initial budget
  • Approval by the college/school curriculum committee
  • Any special space requirements (some changes require approval by accreditors)
  • For graduate programs: the results of a market analysis

To submit a new program request, fill out the New or Changed Academic Program form.

Required Information for Change Requests

The name of the program and information specific to the particular type of change needs to be included in the change request and any supporting documentation.

To submit a program change request, fill out New or Changed Academic Program form.

Associated Documentation

For any questions or comments regarding the submission and approval of new/changed academic program requests:

  • College of Arts & Sciences, contact Joshua Gamson, Academic Assistant Dean, with any questions/comments at
  • All other schools, questions/comments should be directed to Shirley McGuire, Senior Vice Provost, at
  • For general comments or feedback, please email


I've submitted my request. Now what happens?
After the request is submitted it is automatically routed through the appropriate approval queue. During this process, various notifications are triggered requesting action be taken, general FYIs, or serving as reminders or escalations. The submitter, and any assigned delegate, has access to view the request in a read-only state throughout the life of the form via a link provided in the notification email. While the time from submission to final review by the Provost's Office will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the request and the time of year, the general expectation is that a new program request will take 3-4 weeks before fully reviewed and a change request will take 2-3 weeks before fully reviewed. See a Diagram of the form process »

I should be able to submit a request, but when I enter my username I'm told I don't have access.
If you believe you should have access to submit a New/Changed Program Request, please contact Shirley McGuire, Senior Vice Provost, Provost's Office (x6136), so you can be granted the appropriate access.

I'm having a problem submitting the form.
If your problem is a technical one, please contact the ITS Help Desk at If your problem has to do with the content of the form itself, for College of Arts & Sciences requests, contact Joshua Gamson, Academic Assistant Dean at For all other schools, direct questions/comments to Shirley McGuire, Senior Vice Provost, at

The form is asking for information I don't possess.
The form is designed to ensure that all the information required for appropriate review of the request is included. If the form is requesting information you do not possess, please contact the appropriate associate dean or dean for assistance.

Not all the details for my request are ready yet, but I still need to get this request moving through the approval process. What do I do?
Right now, all requests require all the materials be included at the time of submission (or, if a new request, at the appropriate phase). If an exception needs to be made contact Shirley McGuire, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (x6136) for assistance.

Why do these requests have to be submitted so far in advance?
Implementing the various elements of a new or changed program request involves a wide range of business units and often requires notification to various governmental and accreditation agencies. The coordination of this effort takes time and requires work within a particular academic year timeframe for appropriate admission, registration, financial aid, and student accounting data management. In some cases, approvals can be obtained in a shorter period of time. If you would like to have a sense of how long the process will take please contact your associate dean or the Office of the Senior Vice Provost (x6136).