About Curriculog


The University of San Francisco is excited to launch Curriculog, a curriculum development and management system. Curriculog is a cloud-based, automated curriculum workflow and approval-tracking platform that will manage USF’s new/change of course and program proposals. Although the review and approval process for new and changed courses and programs will be similar to the current NCAP and NCCP processes, Curriculog will make the approval processes easier, quicker, and fully transparent. Any full-time faculty member will be able to originate proposals and track the progress of a proposal in Curriculog. Shelly Helgeson, the Assistant Director of Curriculum Management, will oversee Curriculog. 

Curriculog will be directly connected with USF's new online catalog database, Acalog, ensuring that users are accessing the most current information for curriculum proposals, and that new information is easily imported into the catalog. Users also have the ability to run impact reports to see what other courses and programs are potentially affected by the change being proposed. Acalog is overseen by the Office of the Registrar.

Curriculog has launched in the College of Arts & Sciences at USF, and a university-wide launch that includes the School of Management, the School of Nursing and Health Professions, and the School of Education is planned for spring 2018.

Feedback and questions are welcomed during this pilot season and should be directed to the CurriculogSupport@usfca.edu.

Video tutorials, open workshops, and in-person tutorials are available to help familiarize the campus community to the Curriculog interface and assist faculty with proposal submissions. Questions about the College of Arts & Sciences curriculum approval process, including the transition to Curriculog, can be directed to Joshua Gamson, Academic Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Access to Curriculog will eventually be open for all faculty and staff on campus to view curriculum proposals, but only full-time faculty, Department/Program Chairs, Associate Deans, Committee Members and Dean’s Office Staff will have access to create and/or approve proposals. Some institutions, such as Texas Tech University (TTU), have chosen to make Curriculog available to the public for viewing. If you’re interested in seeing how the system and workflow process works, you can take a look at TTU’s system.

Accessing Curriculog

During College of arts & sciences Soft-Launch (FALL 2018)

Go to Curriculog for the USF community by clicking here. During the soft-launch with the College of Arts & Sciences beginning July 16th, 2018, users will need to email CurriculogSupport@usfca.edu to receive log-in information and a unique password.

Campus-wide Launch (SPRING 2019)

Curriculog will launch in all five schools in Spring 2019. In January 2019 access to the system will be available through single sign-on with MyUSF on your Fav Apps tab. In order to have Curriculog appear under your Fav Apps tab in MyUSF you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click on Fav Apps and scroll down to Preferences.
  2. Once in the Preferences window, click over to the "All Apps" tab.
  3. Find Curriculog and click on the star icon to add it to your Fav Apps.

Note: You may need to log out and log back in to MyUSF for Curriculog to now appear in your Fav Apps.

Please contact CurriculogSupport@usfca.edu if you have trouble logging in, or experience any other technical issues.