Curriculog Frequently Asked Questions

A: Curriculog can be accessed here. Faculty and staff interested in using Curriculog need to email to receive log-in information and a unique password.

A: Notifications go to people who are originators and approvers in the proposal process.

See the next question for steps to change the frequency of your notifications in Curriculog.

If you think you are receiving notifications in error, please contact

Yes. You can change your settings so that you get notifications related to proposals on your list less frequently or more frequently. The options are to get all emails or to get a digest daily, on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, on Tuesday/Thursday, or weekly. To change your notification settings in Curriculog:

  • Go to your name on the top right.
  • Select “My Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on your name on the left (“My Dashboard” will be to the right of it).
  • Scroll down to the “Email Options” dropdown menu in the "User Rights" section and select another option, such as "Weekly Email Digest". This will send each email notifications out in a weekly digest.
  • Click the "Save Preferences" button.

In all likelihood, your proposal has made it all the way through the approval process and now has the status of Completed. When proposals are Completed, they no longer appear as active proposals on those various lists. However, you can still view them. Go to the All Proposals tab and use the “Filter by” feature to filter by Proposal Status; choosing Completed under Proposal Status will bring up a list of Completed proposals. If yours isn’t among them, please contact us so we can find out what happened to it.

Under user tracking select "view original with edits” from the drop down menu.

FAQs for the College of Arts & Sciences

As department chair or program director, you are responsible for assuring that any proposals for changes or additions to your curriculum are collectively reviewed, discussed, and approved by the program faculty (or their designees as set out in your bylaws). You’re also responsible for documenting, within Curriculog, the process through which and the date on which the proposal was approved by the program faculty. In order to do this:

  • First facilitate a discussion and review of the proposed curriculum change or addition, including reviewing syllabi (syllabus guidelines are here) in a meeting or online communication. This can be done however your program bylaws specify: through a committee, through a full department meeting, or through empowering the chair to make particular types of decisions on behalf of the program.

  • When a proposal reaches the Chair/Director approval stage, you will receive a notification that it is waiting for your attention. Open the proposal and scroll down, almost all the way to the bottom, until you reach “For PROGRAM CHAIR/DIRECTOR USE ONLY.” Enter a brief description of how and when the department program reviewed and approved the proposal, then hit Save.

  • Scroll back up to the top of the proposal and click on the Decisions icon (a circle with a check inside of it). Select your decision and then click Make My Decision. This will then move the proposal to the next stage.

Members of the College Curriculum Committee, the Core Area Committees, and the First Year Seminar Committee participate in the review and decision process regarding particular types of curriculum proposals. You will get notifications from Curriculog when a proposal is ready for the committee’s attention, and your main job as a committee member is to review those proposals in advance of a committee meeting or discussion.

  • To review a proposal, click on the link in the notification email or go to My Tasks in Curriculog and select the proposal. You can view the full proposal or a summary. (For more info on basic navigation, watch this brief video tutorial.)

  • Your committee chair will facilitate a decision-making process (face-to-face meeting, email conversation, etc.) and let you know the details.

  • The committee chair will submit the decision and feedback on Curriculog. If the committee sends the proposal back to the faculty originator for revisions, the same process will begin once the revisions are submitted and the proposal is relaunched back to the committee.

Chairs of the College Curriculum Committee, the Core Area Committees, and the First Year Seminar Committee lead the review and decision process regarding particular types of curriculum proposals and submit the decision and any relevant feedback through Curriculog. You and the rest of the committee members will get notifications from Curriculog when a proposal is ready for the committee’s attention.

  • Facilitate a discussion of the proposal or proposals, in person or via email. Everyone will review the proposal(s) within Curriculog but the discussion takes place outside of Curriculog.
  • You can communicate with committee members through regular email; by messaging them from within Curriculog; or using the Agenda function within Curriculog. The latter two options will include a link to the relevant proposal(s) or you can paste a link into a regular email. (For more info on basic navigation, watch this brief video tutorial.) 
  • Once a decision has been made, go to the proposal on Curriculog and open it by clicking on the Edit Proposal button. Open Decisions (a blue circle with a check inside) in the Proposal Toolbox on the right. Click the circle for your decision and write any feedback in the comments field. Your main decision choices are Approve and Reject. Approve sends the proposal to the next step. Reject does not actually mean the proposal is denied, but is used to send the proposal back to the faculty originator for revisions. When the originator revises and relaunches the proposal, it will come back to you and the committee, and you begin the above process again.
  • Click Make My Decision.

At this point in time, approved additions and changes to courses and programs in the College of Arts & Sciences are still entered into Banner (our course inventory), the General Catalog (online), and DegreeWorks (for the degree evaluation) by members of the Dean’s Office staff, Web Services, and the Registrar’s Office. These changes rarely show up immediately, and often take several weeks to become visible. When they become visible also depends on what semester you requested as a start date. If you have any questions about the post-approval status of your proposal, please contact Academic Assistant Dean Joshua Gamson.

No. Programs and courses get reviewed separately; your overall curriculum has been approved, but the individual courses still need to be reviewed. Once your program changes are approved, you can submit any related course-level proposals to Curriculog. You can also do this before or at the same time, if you prefer.

Not unless you really want to. If you have three or more of the same type of change that you want to propose at once (e.g., renumbering courses, retitling courses, or changing several course descriptions) you can use a single form. The forms are only set up to process one course at a time, so the way to do this is to: 1) Enter the information for one course into the form; 2) Under “Course description” and in the notes section, enter “This is a proposal for a batch of courses. Please see attached document for full details.” 3) Prepare and attach a document with all of the proposed changes and all of the required information (see Curriculog form) for each course. 

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