Building Marshal's Duties

Lead Building Marshal

  • Manage Building Marshals and maintain control of occupants.
  • Last person off the floor in an evacuation or relocation.
  • In evacuation, ensure that the door to sidewalk / relocated floor is closed.
  • Notify Public Safety that evacuation / relocation is complete.
  • Go to the designated assembly point and conduct a head count of the evacuees from your floor or building. Report the count to Public Safety.
  • Give first aid if necessary, if trained and wait for further instructions.
  • Report injuries and damage to Public Safety.

Deputy Building Marshal

  • Assume the duties of the Lead Building Marshal in his/her absence.
  • Perform all tasks as assigned by the Lead Building Marshal.

Search Monitor

  • Search all enclosed spaces and restrooms to ensure occupants have left the floor.
  • Work in pairs, if possible, to avoid repetitive searching and losing track of each other.
  • Keep calm and set the example.
  • Know the location of fire extinguishers, pull stations, and exits.
  • Inform the Lead Building Marshal when the floor is evacuated.

Relocation Monitor

  • Direct personnel away from elevator lobbies and toward exit stairwells.
  • Begin relocation when directed by alarm or announcement.
  • Make certain that the relocation path is clear and position yourself at the lower door to direct traffic.
  • If possible, report to Lead Building Marshal before exiting, and do NOT prop the relocation floor door open.
  • Assist the Lead Building Marshal in any way directed.

Disability Assistant

  • The disable person should be allowed to pick their assigned assistant.
  • The Disability Assistant and disabled person should know the location of the department exit stairwells.
  • In a fire emergency, the Disability Assistant will accompany the disabled person to the exit location. The Assistant will place their charge away form the path of travel of exiting occupants and await the arrival of the first responders. Alert Public Safety of your presence in the stairwell.
  • The Disability Assistant will remain with their charge until first responders arrive. For their own safety, individuals in wheelchairs should remain in the fresh air stairwell with an Assistant until trained fire department personnel can carry them down the stairs. If properly trained, the Assistant may use an evacuation device located in the stairwell, if available.