Training Season

Find information below on our training season for both senior and student staff. While we know the training season can be a rigorous and long one, our aim is to always prioritize work-life balance whilst ensuring our teams feel prepared for their positions.

Senior Staff Training

New RD training

This training is only for new RD hires. The purpose of this training is to help them become acquainted with the university at large, gain a basic understanding of their role and responsibilities, get to know their fellow RDs through informal meals, and get sorted with HR.

All Senior Staff Training (RDs and Graduate Staff)

The purpose of this training is to continue to build trust amongst the team, get to know your building team, prepare for the arrival of your resident assistants, finalize the residential curriculum for the year, prep your building for opening, and plan out the nuances of managing your building for the year.

Student Staff Training

RA training

RA's typically begin the training program at the beginning of August with our online training curriculum which they complete throughout the summer. It is the senior staff's responsibility to ensure assignments are being graded throughout the summer.