Taking Exams at SDS

If a student is eligible for exam accommodations such as extended time, it is preferable that the student take the exam with the faculty, either in the classroom or in an alternative location (as appropriate). This is to ensure that the student has equal access to the faculty member if a question about the exam arises. SDS is always available to proctor exams during our business hours if this is not a viable option for the student or faculty member.

If one of your students is taking an exam at SDS, they should notify you in advance. Students will submit their requests for accommodations online, which will trigger an email to be sent to your USF email account. The email will have the student's name, their accommodations, and a link for the faculty member to submit a testing contract (previously known as "proctor sheet"). Instructions for submitting a testing contract are found below. We ask our students to give us one week's notice when scheduling exams.