Exam Accommodations

SDS authorizes and/or provides exam accommodations for students who present appropriate documentation supporting such needs. Exam accommodations include, but are not limited to: extended time, a distraction-reduced room, use of a computer, use of auxiliary aides such as scribe or reader, use of assistive technology, permission to have food, and restroom breaks.


Required Testing Contracts

Undergraduate and Graduate students: Before SDS can proctor an exam, the student’s faculty are required to fill out an electronic testing contract. This document provides SDS with instructions from the faculty about the exam. Students and faculty must abide by the terms of the testing contract.

Scheduling Exam Appointments

  • Undergraduate and Graduate students: With the exception of pop quizzes and finals, all exams/quizzes must be scheduled 5 business days in advance. SDS cannot guarantee the student an exam appointment if SDS is not provided with this prior notice.
  • Pop Quizzes: Faculty must contact SDS if pop quizzes are part of the course.
  • Delivering Exam Materials: Exams are to be delivered to SDS as indicated by the faculty on the testing contract. If the student is required to deliver the exam, then the student must come immediately upon receipt of the exam unless alternative arrangements have been made.
  • Returning Exam Materials: Once the exam is completed, the exam must be returned as indicated by the faculty on the testing contract. If the student is required to return the exam, then the completed exam must be returned immediately unless alternative arrangements have been made. If the student is unable to return the exam, the student is responsible for returning the exam to the proctor and notifying the faculty.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Finals: Students will receive a notice via email, to sign up for their finals exam(s) approximately 3-4 weeks before finals. In order to facilitate the large number of exams, students must sign up by 5:00 pm on the stated due date. If students sign up past the due date, SDS cannot guarantee the student a time/date to take their exam with an SDS proctor.

Proctoring Hours and Appointments

SDS proctoring hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Students must be on time for exams, and will be allowed a 15 minute window to start their exam. The exam start time will begin at their appointed time regardless of when the student arrives to take their test. If a student arrives after 15 minutes of their scheduled start time, the student will be asked to reschedule their exam, and their professor will be notified. Students can then reschedule their exam for a later date with faculty approval, or take the exam with their class.


Proctors observe the tests to ensure security and the integrity of exams. Students may be monitored with security cameras while sitting for an exam. All students who take exams under the supervision of SDS staff agree to follow the instructions of the proctor and conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner. SDS staff will proctor exams the entire time students are testing. Students cannot leave the exam room without permission or exams may be terminated and the professor notified.

At the beginning of an exam, SDS staff will inform students of the start time, scheduled end time, and the total amount of time the student has to complete the exam. 

At the end of the exam, SDS staff will collect all materials from the student. The student must stop working on his or her exam and return all materials at the end of the accommodated time and/or if directed to by an SDS proctor. If a student refuses to turn in exam materials, SDS staff will inform the student of possible exam policy violation and notice will be given to the faculty. The faculty will grade the exam as appropriate.

Academic Honesty

It is expected that all students will adhere to the University’s Academic Honor Code during accommodated exams (students enrolled in the School of Education, the School of Law, and distance learning and/or online courses will be subject to SDS policies as well as supplemental policies set forth by their program). Unless otherwise stated, no books, notes, electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, iPods, etc.) or any other unauthorized materials may be used during an exam. If a student is observed or suspected of using unauthorized materials or electronic devices during an exam, the student’s faculty will be notified. The student must also meet with his/her specialist before taking any future accommodated exams in SDS. Students who violate SDS exam policy may be subject to alteration or forfeiture of their exam accommodation privileges, and may also be subject to sanctions outlined by the Academic Honor Code.

SDS Remote Learning Exam Proctoring Policy

For all hybrid, remote, in-person, or online course instruction the University of San Francisco recommends that faculty utilize Canvas Lockdown Browser or Respondus to administer examinations.

If faculty need assistance with proctoring or have a verified extenuating circumstance preventing use of the tools listed above, they may contact SDS (phone: 415-422-2613 or sds@usfca.edu) at least one week prior to the exam, for support.