Respondus LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser is a custom web browser that locks down the testing environment within Canvas quizzes by  preventing students from toggling to other applications on their computer while taking the test. This is sufficient for a proctored settings.

Repondus Monitor, is an feature option you can enable in LockDown Browser to add extra quiz security through remote video proctoring of students while they take the test in the LockDown Browser.

Respondus Monitor selection radio buttons

LockDown Browser  and Monitor WorkFlow and  Overview

  1. Teacher enables the LockDown Browser tool in the Canvas course
  2. Teacher creates a Quiz in Canvas
  3. Teacher goes back to configure  LockDown Browser to point to existing Quiz and "Lock it to be only be viewable within the Lockdown Browser"
  4. Teacher clicks the option to enble Respondus Monitor if desired
  5. Students download and install LockDown Browser on their computer using the USF Specific Download link provided in the student instructions below and on the Canvas Quiz page itself.
  6. When students are ready to take the quiz, they open up the LockDown Browser application on their computer, which directs them to login to Canvas and take the quiz within the Lockdown Browser. If the Respondus Monitor is enabled, it will first take them through steps to test their webcam and secure their test environment.

LockDown Browser Teacher Setup Instructions (LockDown Browser Only)

Extending LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor For Remote Video Proctoring
In addition to the Resources Below, the vendor, Respondus is offering live  How to setup and use Respondus Monitor webinars 

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