ETS Programs

Faculty Remote Instruction Intensive Summer 2020Faculty Remote Instruction Workshop

This workshop, comprising of two 2 hour online synchronous sessions and up to 4 hours online asynchronous instruction, will be focused on remote course design, pedagogy and facilitation. Sessions are available on select days in January 2021.



Technology Certificate Program University of San Francisco Educational Technology ServicesTech Certificate Program

Completing a minimum of five technology classes in one track along with a work-related project by August is required to complete the certificate program.  Earn a certificate and a digital badge by completing a track. Learn more about the certificate program.



Faculty presenting at the Lunch and Learn WorkshopLunch and Learn Workshops

Every semester we invite faculty and guests to hold presentations on various technologies and on pedagogy that can be implemented as ideas for an engaging classroom learning experience.



Peer2Peer Series: Teaching & TechnologyPeer2Peer Teaching and Technology Workshops

This program is co-sponsored with the Tracy Seeley Center for Teaching Excellence. Faculty members lead a one-hour presentation with some room for discussion and implementation on a technology method or platform used in their course. The idea behind the program is that faculty learn best from the examples of their peers, who are tuned to the nuances of using technology in learning environments.


Two faculty working on laptopsFaculty Bootcamp

Technology bootcamps are available to new and current full-time and adjunct faculty every semester. The bootcamps will provide faculty with a presentation on the different learning technologies available at USF,  how to use classrooms, access student and course information, using Canvas, Turnitin, and Poll Everywhere along with an overview of the Echo360 Active Learning Platform.


Innovation in Teaching with Technology Awards 2021Innovation in Teaching with Technology Awards

We sponsor the awards to create a greater awareness of achievements by faculty who are finding new ways to use information technology in education. These awards honor faculty who have demonstrated innovative uses of technology in education to improve student learning. Learn more about the technology awards.



Technology Proficient Badge at USFDigital Badges Program

ITT offers a workshop for program directors or leaders as well as faculty members who want to learn more about how to integrate a badge program in their courses or training. Learn more about the program.