ETS New Faculty Summer Intensive Program

Join ETS this August to explore instructional strategies and technologies in support of a specific instructional goal you might have in one or more of your courses. All new full-time and adjunct faculty are encouraged to apply.

The teaching strategies will focus on:

  • ¬†Universal Design for Learning/Accessible Design
  • Active Learning
  • Flipped Classroom

The technologies we will explore:

  • Canvas
  • Panopto
  • Simple Syllabus
  • Google Docs
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Adobe Express
  • Zoom

Twenty faculty will be selected. Participants will receive a $720 stipend, agreeing to attend three consecutive days of the Intensive from 9:30am-3:30pm, August 1-3 OR August 8-10, as well as a lunchtime gathering at the end of the Fall semester.

Program Expectations

  1. Attend our 3-day August workshops.
  2. Must be teaching a USF course during the fall semester.
  3. Meet with an ETS mentor 2-3 times before and during Fall semester via face-to-face or Zoom.
  4. Meet with a faculty buddy 1-2 times before and during Fall semester.
  5. Complete homework prior to and during 3 day workshop.
  6. Present at the post-semester (December) luncheon.
  7. Use the Canvas Dons template that will be introduced in the program.
  8. Participate in one of the following for Spring 2024 semester:
    • Develop and facilitate a faculty development event around your pedagogical strategy/ed tech implementation in partnership with ETS.
    • Be featured in an ETS case study/faculty spotlight, inclusive of providing input, quotes and being photographed/video recorded in the studio and in your classroom.
    • Develop a 1-2 page white paper/report outlining and reflecting on your pedagogical strategy/ed tech implementation which could be published on the ETS website and shared with the USF community.

Workshop and luncheon participation is mandatory. Failure to complete program expectations warrants the return of the stipend. For questions, email

Application for 2023 is closed now.

Summer New Faculty Intensive Program august 1-3 or august 8-10, 9:30-3:30pm