Faculty Spotlight

2021 ETS Innovation Awards Recipients

Leigh Meredith, College of Arts and Sciences

Leigh MeredithProfessor Meredith improves student learning by blending tradition and innovation. She consistently seeks out digital tools that help students meet course learning outcomes and fulfill USF’s social justice mission. Leigh is commitmented to developing students’ abilities to evaluate and deliver communication across multiple media forms – an essential skill in the 21st century. Leigh has delivered both ETS and CTE presentations that encourage innovative uses for technology. Her most recent service to the USF community is sponsored by an Open Educational Resource Grant to create a multimedia textbook for multimodal rhetoric. Because of Leigh’s innovation in teaching with technology, students have the confidence and ability to choose the medium and technological platform that best fits their target audience.

Kelly L’Engle, School of Nursing and Health Professions

Kelly L'EngleProfessor L’Engle optimizes the use of the Google suite of collaborative products for remote teaching. She uses Google Docs with zoom breakout room rooms for discussions with student groups. Students find the collaborative Google platform, combined with zoom breakout rooms, highly engaging, which is essential for the evening and 3-4 hour classes she teaches in the School of Nursing and Health Professions.

These tools support what she calls "inside-out" pedagogy: because she can observe learning in real time (by students) as students engage in collaborative discussions and assignments completed through Google tools. Kelly mastered the use of technology tools that are available at no additional cost to USF students and faculty. She enabled the learning process via remote synchronous zoom sessions to be more inclusive, enjoyable, interactive, and full of “deep learning” for students. She shared these pedagogical methods with SONHP faculty through a "Teaching Collaborative" sponsored by her department, and a number of faculty have requested additional support so they can begin to use Google tools in their own classes. USF has a reputation of employing excellent teachers, and she believes that her use of widely-available, simpler to use technologies - especially during these times of remote teaching, has greatly contributed to her teaching and student learning.

Jerry Coleman, School of Law

Jerry ColemanProfessor Coleman’s use of technology has had a profound impact on student’s learning. His use of PowerPoint, streaming video, polls at the beginning of his classes, and his effective use of Zoom, contributed to student’s feeling that they had learned more in his course. One student concluded that this was primarily due to the way he used technology in his class. His use of Zoom for the synchronous class supported a seamless shift to online. He “went the extra mile” to create a more engaging classroom. One student suggested that Prof Coleman’s strategic teaching about Law cases helped prepare them for the Bar and was less anxious about exams due to Professor Coleman’s effective use of technology in his course.


Instructional Strategies to Improve Access and Equity for Students

Daniela DominguezProfessor Daniela Domínguez employs a mix of instructional strategies and technologies to better address issues of inclusion, diversity, and educational equity for her students in USF’s Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program.

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3D Printing : Transforming How Students Learn

Susan Stryker and Jonathan HuntSee how Susan Stryker and Johnathan Cromwell in the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy program at the School of Management give  students the opportunity to solve problems in more meaningful and tangible ways using 3D Printing.

With 3D printing, experiential learning can also be more fully realized, because it allows students to think of an idea, implement a design, and reflect on the process. By taking action with their assignments, they can have a real experience that enables more effective learning and knowledge retention.

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Exploring the Teaching Toolbox in Data Science

Diane Woodbridge headshotTo support the diverse learning needs of her MS in Data Science students, see how Dr. Diane Woodbridge recalibrated her teaching methods, and “flipped” her classes.

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The Joy of Rhetoric

Leigh MeredithWhen Assistant Professor Dr. Leigh Meredith tasked her first-year students to create group videos exploring the rhetoric of media messages, she inspired their interest in the foundational principles of rhetoric.

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Real-time Formative Assessment and Student Learning in Biology

Dr. Kia BlaisdellDr. Kai Blaisdell, Adjunct Professor in Biology, engages her students with polling and gathers insight on their learning to inform her instruction.

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Teaching Hybrid v.1—Finding Your Technology Threshold

Cynthia SchultesFor Adjunct Professor Cynthia Schultes, PhD, limiting the educational technology components in her Masters of Professional Communication course made it more manageable.

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Teaching Tax Law Online

Josh RosenbergProfessor Josh Rosenberg in USF’s online Tax LL.M. program structures his courses to support online learning. He makes small changes every semester and gets feedback from his students, support from his program, and guidance from USF’s Instructional Design team to inform his process.

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USF’s Doctor of Nurse Practice Program (DNP) Course Translates an In-Class Activity for Online Learning

Nancy SelixThe Policy and Ethical Implications for Health Care Outcomes course, developed by Nancy Selix, DNP, FNP-C, CNM, CNL, was redesigned to a hybrid format course from its original format as a face-to-face (F2F) course. Angie Portacio, MA. Ed., instructional designer (ID) for the School of Nursing and Health Professions (SONHP), met with Professor Selix, so they could examine course design options together. In bringing certain facets of the F2F course to online, several gaps were identified during the redesign process.

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From Slavery to Obama: Transforming and Preserving a Flagship Critical Diversity Studies Course

Dr. Clarence JonesWhen USF Distinguished Visiting Professor Dr. Clarence Jones developed and taught his Critical Diversity Studies course, From Slavery to Obama, it was initially offered to a small group of undergraduates who half-filled the stadium-seating in an old lecture hall. Shortly after launching the course, it became clear that the material and the instructor were extraordinarily compelling and of real historical importance. USF’s Critical Diversity Studies Department moved to format the course for an online audience. In 2016, the course was published online, extending its reach beyond one classroom at USF.

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Supporting Active Learning With Video

Professor SudaKyoko Suda, Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages teaches undergraduate Japanese language 100 and 200-level classes. The challenge is finding enough class-time to allow students to practice Japanese language. Echo360 was the recommended solution because it allowed her to easily capture presentations off the computer with audio narration and video.

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Authentic Learning In Online and Hybrid Courses

David Ryan headshotEmbracing the challenge of designing effective online and hybrid courses, USF's MAPC Program, headed by Academic Director, David Ryan, creates an authentic learning environment that bolsters its students' professional success.

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Promoting Online Group work

Kelly EngleThe Instructional Design team worked with Dr. Kelly L'Engle, Assistant Professor in the Population Health Sciences department, to bring her project-based course, Program Planning and Evaluation, online as part of the online Masters of Public Health Program.

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Creating Multimedia Lessons (and Flipping your Face-to-Face Course)

Marie ClaudeAssociate Professor Marie-Claude Couture, MS, PhD worked with USF’s Instructional Design Team during Summer, 2016 to transform her face-to-face masters course, Epidemiology, into online and hybrid versions for USF’s Master of Public Health program.

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