Training Documents

Creating Accessible Non-HTML Documents (reference provided by Web Services)

Tutorials on Accessibility Tools (reference provided by Web Services)

USF Accessibility Standards

Topic Course Title  
Adobe Spark for Classroom Reference for creating Spark Page and Spark Video  
Storytelling with Adobe Spark Video Reference for creating Spark Video  
Audacity Recording and Editing Audio with Audacity  
Canvas Canvas Essentials  
  Canvas for Students  
  Canvas Recommended Course Settings  
  Canvas Pages  
  Canvas: Add Video and Media to Your Canvas Course  
  Canvas: View Student Access and Participation  
  Canvas for Administrative and Training Sites  
  Canvas Cross-Listing (Combining Canvas Courses)  
  Canvas Peer Review  
  Create a Turnitin Assignment  
Echo360 Echo360 Universal Capture-Personal  
EMMA Email EMMA_Training_Guide  
Excel Excel 2016 Basics Mac  
  Excel 2016 Basics Windows  
  Excel 2016 Intermediate Windows  
  Excel 2016 Intermediate Mac  
  Excel 2016 Advanced Windows  
  Excel 2016 Advanced Mac  
Google Forms Getting Started with Google Forms  
Google Classic Sites Getting Started with Google Sites  
Google New Sites Getting Started with New Google Sites  
iMovie iMovie 10 Basics  
InDesign InDesign - Create Single Page Documents  
  InDesign - Create Multiple Pages Documents  
Photoshop Introduction to Photoshop  
  Photoshop Layers and Masks  
Podcasting Podcasting like a Pro for the Classroom  
Portfolium Introduction to Portfolium e-portfolio  
Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere  
  Instructor's Guide  
PowerPoint PowerPoint Best Practices  
  PowerPoint  2016 Basics for Windows  
  PowerPoint 2016 Basics for Mac  
  PowerPoint 2016 Advanced for Windows  
  PowerPoint 2016 Advanced for Mac  
  Custom Animation to create Flow and Effects in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows  
  Custom Animation to Create Flow and Effects in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac  
Tableau Student Documents:    
  Tableau Desktop Installation  
  Tableau Basics  
  Tableau Intermediate  
  Tableau Advanced  
Tableau Faculty/Staff Documents:    
  Tableau Public Installation  
  Tableau Basics  
  Tableau Intermediate  
  Tableau Advanced    
Qualtrics Qualtrics  
  Qualtrics Upgrade Account instructions (May, 2020)  
Word Creating a Table of Contents in Word 2016 for Mac  
  Creating a Table of Contents in Word 2013 for Windows  
  Mail Merge in Word 2016 for Windows  
  Mail Merge in Word 2016 for Mac  
Universal Access Document Create Universal Access Documents in Word  
USF Calendar USF Calendar  
myUSF Website Editing myUSF Website Editing  
USF Blogs USF Blogs  
  USF Blogs for instructors - setup class blog  
  USF Blogs for students- setup account, join class blog  
  USF Blogs: MesoColumn Template  
Virtual Reality Virtual Reality in Education  
Windows 10 Windows 10 Getting Started  
Zoom Getting Started with Zoom  
  Quick Start Guide to Setup and Use Zoom  
  Using Zoom for Live Meetings and the Classroom  
Camcorder & Handbrake Instruction How to transfer, convert and compress video files from the camcorder