Getting Started

Emails are sent through a digital email marketing system called Emma.

Emma handles e-newsletters, emails with personalized greetings, and emails targeted to specific segments of the student, faculty, and staff population, as well as emails to alumni, donors, parents, and external audiences.

Note: To access the system, you must attend an Emma training hosted by Instructional Technology and Training (under Communication and Collaboration training track).

Accessing Emma

  1. After completing your ITT training and receiving Emma access, open your web browser (Chrome is recommended) and visit:
  2. Use your myUSF credentials to enter your username (without and password. Click Login.

Email Author Interface

  • Home: Contains the account overview dashboard and links to Campaigns, Response, and Insights tabs.
  • Campaigns: Where you’ll be working to create your emails.
  • Response: Access useful response data on individual or multiple email campaigns sent from your account, including open, click, and opt-out rates.
  • Insights: Reporting tool that tracks the performance of all of your sent mailings over time. With Insights, your open rates, clicks, sign-ups, and opt-outs are displayed as either aggregate or trending metrics.

What You'll Need to Build an Email

  • Content
  • Email details: From name/email address, reply email address, subject line, preview sentence
  • Imagery/graphics (if including an image in the email)
  • Relevant links
  • Target audience/recipient list: For recipient lists, you'll need a three-column spreadsheet with Email Address, First Name, and Last Name