Email Marketing at USF

Are you a faculty or staff member looking to send an official USF email to more than 40 recipients? The resources below will help you get started and do it right.

Every email you send is an opportunity to build trust, loyalty, and awareness with your recipients. As such, emails should be part of a communications strategy that determines your content and target audience. We suggest partnering with your OMC marketing strategist to devise an effective plan.

Your Email Options

Weekly calendar email: This email contains targeted event listings that are sent to the internal USF community every Tuesday morning during the academic calendar year. Learn more about adding events to the USF calendar and weekly calendar emails »

One-off email: Single messages, such as a call for submission or event invitation. One-off event emails are only sent to targeted external, internal, or alumni audiences.

Newsletter: Curating multiple content items, such as news, events, and social media. These should be sent on a regular schedule.

Turnaround Times

If you build the email — 3 business days

Submitted on Release on
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday The following Monday
Thursday The following Tuesday
Friday The following Wednesday

If eComms build the email — 5 business days*

Submitted on Released on
Monday The following Monday
Tuesday The following Tuesday
Wednesday The following Monday
Thursday The following Tuesday
Friday The following Wednesday

These turnaround times ensure that necessary elements (e.g., relevant links, recipient lists, etc.) are included, the email has been proofread and copyedited, and final approval is given.

Please note that requests that include alumni audiences have different turnaround times depending on approval, availability, and list acquisition (up to three weeks).

*If the requester or someone from their direct team has access to Emma and has received training, eComms will direct your request to them.

Email Limitations: Event Promotion

We do not send invitation emails for a single event to the entire USF community; instead, campus communicators should target specific audiences and utilize additional communication channels to promote their events or initiatives. Targeted event marketing prevents inbox overload, improves open rates, and ensures messages receive more attention.

To reach a broader audience, we suggest: