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OMC delivers graphic and media-rich email communications to current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors. Our services include email template creation, e-newsletters, copyediting, graphic assistance, email reports, and consulting on email best practices.

Email Style Guide

USF sends dozens of emails a week to internal and external audiences, making email one of the university's primary communication methods. This style guide is intended to bring stylistic consistency to emails. It's not meant to dictate a department's tone or "voice" but to establish standards for common email attributes like headlines and signatures, as well as to set forth basic rules for email-specific grammar and usage.

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Custom Email Footer Request

Would you like a custom email footer for your Emma emails? Email us, and be sure to include your department's contact information and social media links.

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Guide to Alt Text for Emails

Emails sent by USF must comply with web accessibility standards. That means images must have alternative text, and hyperlinks must either be descriptive enough to stand alone or include "aria-label text" that provides a more detailed description. Aria-label text is the text that the screen reader reads in place of the text shown on the screen.

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Email Signature Standards

A standard, consistent, and clean email signature will present a more professional appearance for our brand. The signature is designed to maximize contact information while promoting external websites to those receiving our messages. Email signatures should reflect a professional and consistent appearance for conducting university business through email. The following are guidelines for setting up an email signature.

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