Sending to eComms for Release

When you finalize your email and no other changes are needed, please send it to OMC for final review and release.

  1. Prepare to send a final email preview to yourself (as detailed in the Sending a Test Email section above).
  2. Ensure all four fields are completed and correct: Subject line, Preheader, Sender name, and Sender email.
  3. Send the preview to yourself.
  4. Complete a final review of your email. Ensure you have alt text for images and correct dates and links.
  5. Forward your preview to with the following information in the body of your email:
    • Desired send date
    • Audience (If you have a specific recipient list you'd like us to use, attach the .csv or excel file to your email.)
    • Additional information/instructions (e.g., additional subject lines for A/B testing)
  6. You'll receive a confirmation of receipt for your request, and the copyediting process will begin.

Note: Once you submit your request to OMC, you must email any subsequent changes to Do NOT make any edits/additions to your campaign in Emma directly. Having multiple users on the same campaign simultaneously may revert changes made by you or OMC.

The Best Emails Target Their Audience

Targeting your email recipients helps ensure the right message reaches the right audience. These are some of the Banner fields we can use to target your email communication:


  • Major
  • Minor
  • Undergrad (further by first-year, sophomore, junior, senior)
  • Graduate
  • School/college
  • Program
  • Campus


  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • School/college
  • Division
  • Department
  • Program
  • Full-time or part-time

Emailing Prospective and Newly Admitted Students:

Emails to prospective and newly admitted students are sent through Enrollment Communications under Strategic Enrollment Management.

Emailing Alumni

Emails to alumni are coordinated with Alumni Engagement. To ensure the most accurate alumni lists, please reach out to Development Services at and allow up to three weeks.

Providing Your Recipients

All contact lists not provided by Alumni Engagement or queried by eCommunications should be stored in Emma within a custom group (e.g., Thacher Gallery Newsletter Group). You should not keep your contacts in a separate Excel list or external file. If your account needs a group created, please email with your list of contacts (including first name, last name, and email).

The eCommunications team can always update the custom group if you receive additional signups, or you can have recipients add themselves to your group directly by using a signup form. Email for more information on creating a signup form.

Releasing an Email

Emails can only be released by OMC's managers. As an email author in Emma, you do not have access to release emails. To get your email into OMC's queue, it is essential to send your final email preview to directly.

After you send your preview, OMC will confirm receipt of your request and a copyeditor will proofread the email. Within three to five business days, you will receive an updated draft with edits or suggestions for final approval.

When OMC receives final approval, the email will be scheduled for release at an appropriate time. To avoid sending multiple emails simultaneously, OMC spaces each message apart and typically schedules emails on the hour.

Note: Need to unschedule an email? Let OMC know, and your campaign will be reverted back to draft state.