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Media Brief

The Media Brief outlines the advertising objectives, target audience, budget, timing, and other criteria that are important for developing the media recommendation. Please download this document and fill out all of the information requested. If you have questions or need help, please contact your Marketing Strategist.

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Digital Assets Workbook

Use this workbook for providing ad copy for the various digital ad platforms. There is a tab for each platform that outlines what copy is needed and the maximum character count. Download this document to create your ads.

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Best Practices: Digital Ads & Landing/Thank You Pages

To make our campaigns successful, we must communicate clearly and effectively with prospects. Review this document to get an understanding of the elements that will make your digital ads and landing/thank you pages successful.

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Digital Ads & Landing Page/Thank You Page Content

This document will help you develop content for successful digital ads, landing pages, and thank you pages. Download the form and add your program benefits, outcomes, social proof, and other attributes that are strong selling points.

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Meta Advertising Comments Policy

When we create ads on Facebook or Instagram, anyone who can see our ad can comment on it. It is important for brand safety that comments be addressed, both positive and negative. Many of these comments can be useful to the schools/college/programs and allow for further engagement with our ads and future prospects. This outlines OMC’s policy for managing comments as well as how to access comments so they can be monitored and managed appropriately.

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