USF Events

The USF calendar helps you promote events across multiple university channels, including the marketing website, myUSF, USFmobile, and calendar emails. Publishing your event in the calendar also provides a landing page for social media and can direct people to your RSVP/registration forms.

Sample Event

Events sample

The Basics

Before booking and publishing your event, make sure you have the following ready:

  • Date and time (of event, don’t include set-up/break-down)
  • Target audience
  • Location
  • Program/format
  • Event description and key details
  • Additional materials/content: headshots, biographies, etc.

Book Your Event in EMS

Use EMS or contact Events Management and Guest Services to book the location/space.

For off-campus events, select “Calendar Posts for Off-Campus Events and Deadlines”—the Events Management team can help with including more specific off-campus location information.

Under Reservation Details, in the Additional Information section, be sure to select “Yes” when asked, “Would you like this published on the USF calendar?”

Please note: the Events Management team automatically factors in 30 minutes before and after the event for setup and breakdown, so select the start and end time according to when the event actually starts and ends (when you want people to arrive and leave). If you need more time to set up or wrap up after the event, please coordinate this with Events Management.

After your reservation is confirmed, the information you submitted becomes the base for the event in the calendar.

Add Event Details in Drupal

After you receive the confirmation email from EMS, the next step is to find and edit the event in Drupal to populate your event details. It may take a few hours for the event to import. If you (or your calendar editor) can’t find your event by the next day, please send an email to and we will help investigate the issue.

Enter your event description and key details, RSVP/registration link (if applicable), imagery, categories, and event terms. Be sure to confirm that event details are consistent with other marketing materials.

If you need to make changes to the event title, date, time, or location, please contact Events Management, who can help update EMS to import edits into the calendar.

For more information, please see Working with Events in Drupal.

If you need access to edit your calendar events, please attend USF Calendar training workshop via Educational Technology Services.

Best Practices

Event Titles

The event title should be clear and descriptive. For example:

  • Do: OMC Lunch and Learn: How to Promote Your Events
  • Don’t: OMC Lunch and Learn

The event title should not be too long. For example:

  • Do: Promoting Your Events on the USF Website and Beyond
  • Don’t: OMC October Brown Bag Series: Promoting Your Event on the USF Website and Beyond

Event Descriptions

If RSVP/registration is required, include the link to the registration form (or to the relevant email address) in the top “Additional Info” section, which appears above the main image.

Use headings, bullets, and paragraphs to break up your content and help with readability and accessibility. The Text_Intro style, is great for introductory paragraphs. Link to other pages of the website where appropriate.

If applicable, include a note about onsite photography and accessibility services:

  • Photography: This event is being photographed and/or video recorded for archival, educational, and related promotional purposes. We also video stream many of these video recordings through the USF web site. By attending or participating in this event, you grant USF the full unrestricted rights to your photograph, voice, and likeness in any manner or media whatsoever worldwide for educational marketing purposes.
  • Accessibility: USF accommodates individuals with disabilities. If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact [department/office] at [phone number] or [email] with the name and date of the event as well the accommodation requested. Requests should be made at least 14 days in advance of the event.

Note: If the photography features an individual (not crowd photography), you’ll also need to get a signed release for use.


For marketing consistency, use the photo/graphic created for your flyer/email/invitation to create the image for the calendar event.

Please remove date/time/location information, as these should be included in the event description. Please also remove any university or unit distinction logos/marks, as the website is already branded for USF.

Image criteria:

  • Image dimensions should be at least 1200x670 pixels; if you have a large, hi-resolution version of the image, size it to 2038 pixels wide at 72dpi before uploading it to the website
  • File size should range from 40-100KB and be less than 1MB
  • Acceptable file formats are: jpg/jpeg, gif, and png
  • Ideally, there should be no text (keep it as minimal as possible) to accommodate multiple crop sizes for various screen-sizes; limiting text on images also helps with digital accessibility as screen readers cannot read it

If this is a recurring event, also consider using photos from previous events to create a slideshow at the bottom of the event page.

Categories and Tags

The categories and event terms determine how to include the event in website event listings and in the weekly event emails. The categories are also used to filter events on the marketing website and myUSF calendars.

Getting Featured

Events that are open and appeal to broader audiences have the opportunity to be featured in a carousel at the top of the marketing website calendar, in an “Explore USF” tile on the marketing website home page, in the carousel on the myUSF home page, and at the top of the USF calendar emails.

Events may be featured on the marketing website home page or in the carousel at the top of the calendar on the USF website if:

  • The event is open to the greater USF community
  • The calendar page includes a well-formatted description
  • Imagery is present and compelling and can be cropped appropriately (for the featured events carousel)

Events may be featured in the myUSF home page carousel if:

  • The event is open to greater USF community
  • The calendar page includes a well-formatted description
  • Imagery is present and compelling and can be cropped to appropriately (for the featured events carousel)

Events may be featured in calendar emails if:

  • The event is open to greater USF community
  • The calendar page includes a well-formatted description

Homepage and top calendar items are reviewed weekly and selected for broadest appeal.

Other Tips

  • Need training and access to edit your events in the calendar? Sign up for a training workshop with Educational Technology Services.
  • If your department has regular events throughout the year, consider adding an event listing on your website. Contact for help
  • Partner with colleagues in relevant departments to include your event in their website event listings and email newsletters (e.g., the GoUSF health and wellness newsletter for faculty and staff or the Phoenix student newsletter for students)
  • Speak with your marketing partner about submitting your event for inclusion in relevant newsletters (e.g., faculty/staff newsletter, alumni newsletter) and/or promotion on USF’s social media channels
  • As with all web content, events should be digitally accessible. Web Services periodically reviews events and will make edits to ensure they meet university editorial, design, branding, and accessibility standards