Event Registration System Policy

Policy Statement

This policy covers use of the university event registration system, Cvent.  Cvent must be used for capturing registration and payment data for all paid events, or events that contain a donation component. Cvent can only be used for official USF or USF-sponsored events where revenue routes to an established university FOAP. 

View event registration FAQ and procedures

Reason for Policy

This policy is being implemented to realize operational efficiencies around events processing, adhere to accounting procedures, and consistently brand and market events:

  • Operational efficiencies: automating and streamlining event processes (e.g. confirmation messages, refunds, ticket pricing tiers/discounts) and seeing event revenue daily updated in Banner
  • System integration: directly integrates with CASHNet (payment processing gateway) and Salesforce (contact data) which enables us to follow established university accounting and constituent contact storage procedures
  • Reporting: ability to measure event performance and impact and report on event revenue across the entire university
  • Events will be consistently and professionally branded and marketed

Who Should Read This Policy

Any employee who plans or hosts events for the university, as well as supervisors and Business Managers who supervise such individuals; the members of the Leadership Team.

Policy Text

Paid Events 

Cvent is the designated university enterprise event registration system that must be used for all paid events and events with a donation component. This system ties directly into other university systems such as CASHNet (payment processing gateway) and Salesforce (contact data) which enables us to follow established university accounting and constituent contact storage procedures.

Non-paid Events

Non-paid events requiring integration with Salesforce for University Development must be created in Cvent. All other non-paid events should be created by ecommunications@usfca.edu as a webform. See below for more information on registration options:

Registration methods Attendees 
Email address
  •  Fewer than 30
myUSF web form
  •  Attendees 30-100+
  • Only open to internal audience (e.g. faculty, staff, and/or students)
usfca.edu/marketing website form
  • Attendees 30-100+ 
  • Open to external audience (e.g. alumni, public, non-USF invitees)
  • No requirement to integrate with Salesforce for University Development
Slate web form
  • Attendees 30-100+
  • Open to prospective students only
Cvent registration form
  • Attendees 100+ 
  • Open to external audience
  • Requiring advanced registration features
  • Requiring limited integration with Salesforce. (University Development only).

For non-paid events open to internal USF audiences only, other tools may be used to capture RSVPs and registrations. Please note, however, events open to external audiences must be created using one of the approved registration methods outlined above. Non-compliant events will not be promoted via email or the USF Calendar.

Please contact ecommunications@usfca.edu to discuss the best tool to use.

Course Payments

Cvent is the university’s event registration system, and is not meant to collect payment for course registration.

For more information on processing payments for courses, visit the ABS policy page » 


There are a limited number of Cvent user licenses that will be shared across the university. Event creators have been initially identified across the various departments based on historical, regularly occurring paid events they have hosted. Allocation of user licenses will be reviewed on an annual basis and licenses may be redistributed based on system usage.

If your department does not have a designated Cvent event creator, eCommunications will be happy to create the event registration form on your behalf.


Subject Contact Phone Email
ABS Frank Wasilewski (415) 422-2401 fmwasilewski@usfca.edu
ABS/CASHNet Teresa Zane (415) 422-2577 zanet@usfca.edu
ITS, Salesforce integration Michelle L Henderson (415) 422-2793 mlhenderson2@usfca.edu
ITS Bill Pisaruck (415) 422-2967 pisaruck@usfca.edu
ITS Diana Fernandez (415) 422-6496 dfernandez2@usfca.edu
OMC, Cvent support Sam Bethel (415) 422-4239 sbethel@usfca.edu
OMC Marlene Tom (415) 422-2350 mktom@usfca.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Cvent? What are the benefits?

  • Intuitive user interface for both admins and registrants
  • On-site check-in
  • Custom reports
  • Refund processed within the system
  • Set automatic refunds
  • Ability to let registrants modify/cancel registrations
  • Customize URL for each event, i.e. register.usfca.edu/eventname
  • Flows into Banner Finance daily so event revenue can be seen right away instead of posted after an event
  • No service charges or fees

Complex reservation benefits

  • Set refund rules (full refund if cancelled within 2 days of event, partial refund up until the day of the event, etc.)
  • Ability to handle multiple tiered discounts and pricing
  • Waitlist

How should we handle event promotion?

  • Invitation emails must be sent via Emma (university email system for everyone except prospective students)
  • Confirmation emails for registrants will be automatically sent via Cvent
  • Events should still always be listed in the main USF calendar to help with event promotion across university channels such as usfca.edu, myUSF, digital signage, and social media
  • OMC can work with you on ways to market (which may include paid advertising or free) and promote your event

What are some of the advanced registration features?

  • Waitlist
  • Complex agenda with multiple session combinations/selections
  • Integration with Salesforce campaigns for constituent contact storage. (University Development only).

Unsure whether event requires a “Simple One-Page” or “Complex” registration form?

  • Fill out and submit the event registration request form and someone from eCommunications will contact you to discuss in more detail within 1-2 business days

What are my other event registration options?

  • For paid events or events with a donation component, Cvent must be used.
  • For free events, you have several other options. Refer to the Free/Unpaid Events section of this page.