Photography Resources

Hello! If you’re on this webpage, you’ll probably soon be participating in a photo shoot for the USF Office of Marketing Communications (OMC). Thank you so much for your involvement — we’re excited to get to know and take some great photos with you.

We know that being in front of a camera can feel a little uncomfortable. We get it and will do our best to make the process as fun and easy as possible.

The biggest question we get is "What should I wear?" That’s a great question. Our best advice is: the simpler the better. More tips:


Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. If you’re worried about how you look in an outfit, that will translate in your images.


Avoid logos and labels. We want the primary focus to be you, and not your shirt.


Embrace color and patterns. Colors, plaids, checks, stripes are welcome! So are solids. If you choose a pattern, please make it just one patterned shirt or dress or whatever. (If you mix patterns, you could get lost behind your garments.) When in doubt, keeping things simple is the better way to go.


Layers work wonders. Layering is a great way to add texture to a photograph. Start with a simple shirt or blouse and add to it. A jacket, a vest, or a button-up over a t-shirt can add dimension.


We encourage you to accessorize, especially if it’s something you already like to do. Jewelry, scarves, ties, hats, you name it. Just so you know, if a hat is blocking your face, we may take some photos without it just to make sure we cover all of our bases and get that great shot!


Don’t limit yourself. If you can, bring more than one or two outfit choices. We’ll help you decide which outfit will make the best photo depending on what the background or location is. We'll take pictures of you in different combinations to give us more options when it comes time to deciding which images to use.


Feel free to ask us! We’re happy to help you. Reach out directly to our multimedia team at

What to expect after? After your photos are captured, we will place a few of the best in a digital portal and then email you a link to that portal. You can use them however you wish! FYI, our typical turnaround is within two weeks.

Thanks so much in advance. We look forward to seeing you in front of the lens!


The OMC Photography Team