Editorial Resources

USF produces hundreds of print and electronic communications each year, and each should represent the university’s brand and mission. To speak USF, please consult these resources.

The USF Guide to Writing

To convey our school’s personality of “sharp minds, big hearts, and independent spirits,” all of us at USF should use sharp words, positive constructions, and fresh expressions.

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How to Write for the USF Website

Because USF is different from other universities, our new website sounds different. Instead of talking about ourselves, as most universities do, we speak to the reader about the reader. And instead of talking about “excellence,” as most universities do, we show excellence. 

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Editorial Style Guide

Do we spell it “advisor” or “adviser”? “Healthcare” or “health care”? “The University in the heart of The City” or “The university in the heart of the city”?

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Email Style Guide

This guide brings stylistic consistency to emails and sets forth basic rules for email-specific grammar and usage.

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Pitch a Story

Good news about a student, professor, staff member, graduate? News about a program? Accomplishment? Event? Fill out this form and share your story.

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