myUSF Announcements Resources

Members of the USF community can submit announcements for posting to the myUSF dashboard. Web Services reserves the right to not post any submission if it is not appropriate as a USF announcement. 

Main announcements page

How to Request an Announcement

Please submit a request through our main request portal (you will need to create a Jira account to use the form) or by emailing us at When emailing, please make sure to include all of the following information.

  • Announcement Title and Content - The announcement title is what will show at the top of the announcement and on the myUSF dashboard. The content is all of the text content to be posted.
  • Announcement Audience - Which groups (all, student, faculty, staff) should be able to see your announcement. Please note: selecting "All" will allow your announcement to be visible to the public if they have a direct link.
  • Announcement Date - Please submit your announcements at least 24-48 hours prior to the announcement date. We cannot guarantee announcements will be posted on the same day they are submitted.
  • Announcement Topic - Select all relevant topics for your announcement. They are used for filtering on the main announcements page. Please note: the "Leadership" topic is reserved for announcements from university leadership only.