Google Analytics Reports

Web Services collects analytics data for users who visit the external marketing site ( and myUSF. 

Standard Report

Our standard Google Analytics reports include the following metrics:

  • Page Views: Total number of times the page was viewed.
  • Unique Page Views: Total views from different users. If the same user visits a page multiple times, it is counted as a single view.
  • Average Time on Page: Average time spent on the page before the user clicks away to a different page.
  • Entrances: Number of users who entered the site through that page
  • Bounce Rate: Percentage of people who closed the page before interacting with the site at all.
  • % Exit: Percentage of people who left the site after viewing that page

How to Request a Report

To request an analytics report for your pages, you can either submit a request through our main request portal (you will need to create a Jira account to use the form) or by emailing us at When emailing, please make sure to specify which pages and time period that you want us to create a report for.

Recurring Reports

We can also set up regular analytics reports to be sent directly to your email. We can send emails weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Let us know in your request if you would like to start receiving the analytics regularly.

Advanced Reports

If you are interested in specific metrics not included in a standard report, please reach out with an idea of what you are looking for and we will work with you on creating an advanced report. Examples include geographic information for users on your pages or the percentage of users viewing your page on mobile vs desktop.