Web Editor Training Resources

USFCA.edu Web Editing Resources

USFCA Event Editor Agreement

Read this agreement and sign to receive access to edit USFCA events that display on usfca and myUSF.

Creating a News Article in Drupal

Info about adding and editing news articles, adding images and videos, tagging news articles, etc.

Working with Events in Drupal

Searching events, editing events, etc.

myUSF Web Editing Resources

myUSF Web Editor Agreement

Read this agreement and sign to receive editing access for myUSF webpages.

Editor Resources myUSF

Your go-to resource for questions about myUSF

Web Accessibility

Tools and tips for ensuring your webpages meet WCAG 2.0 guidelines

myUSF Tips

These tips and instructions will get you up to speed on customizing myUSF

myUSF Webforms

Information on building Webforms and RSVP forms in Drupal

Private Groups

Content only available to manually created groups

Event Feeds

Instructions to place event feeds on your website

myUSF Styling Options

Add multicolored callouts and buttons to your myUSF pages