USF Website FAQ

There are two distinct USF websites, and Both are public-facing websites, but each serves different audiences.

  • a marketing-focused, public website primarily for prospective students, alumni, and donors
  • many content contributors, however, Web & Digital Communications will edit and publish most content changes
  • frequently changing content such as events requires many web authors and anyone can be trained to make event updates
  • content such as news is also open to many web authors with training provided by Web & Digital Communications


  • a public website focused on providing essential information and resources for current students, faculty, and staff
  • most information is open to the public and does not require a login
  • a personalized dashboard provides audiences with news and events specific to their role and single sign-on access to their top-used applications
  • unlimited number of web editors and publishers for myUSF since this content is always changing and information must be frequently updated
  • training for editors and publishers is provided through the ETS


The websites are maintained using Drupal which is a popular open-source web CMS and is used in a number of institutions.

The Web Strategy Committee

The Web Strategy Committee provides oversight of the websites and members include: 

  • Ellen Ryder, Vice President for Marketing Communications (Chair)
  • Opinder Bawa, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • April Crabtree, Vice Provost for Strategic and Enrollment Management
  • Chris Brooks, Associate Dean for Sciences and Engineering, College of Arts & Sciences
  • JP Allen, Professor, School of Management
  • Marlene Tom, Assistant Vice President for Web & Digital Communications Strategy

The committee typically meets once per quarter but will meet more frequently during the web redesign project.