Submitting a Request With Web Services

In an effort to better serve the campus community, the Web Services team has transitioned to the Jira Service Desk issue tracker for handling all web requests. The move to Jira will help us better organize, prioritize, and complete work while maintaining efficient communication with our clients and partners throughout the university. We will always get back to you within 24-48 business hours of submitting your request and adhere to our website support service level agreement response times

Submitting a Request

There are now several ways to submit a web request to the Web Services team. 

Submit a Request with Us!

Request Form

Submitting a request through our request form is the quickest way to get your request to our team. By filling out the form, a ticket is automatically generated on our end, which you will be able to visit and track progress. All comments made by both you and Web Services are tracked in the ticket’s comment section. Web Services will notify you via the email address you included as part of your submission. You will also be notified when we start working on the ticket, as well as when the requested change is ready for your review. Throughout the process, your email responses will go directly to the team and are recorded on the ticket. 

Submit a General Request or Question

Request a myUSF announcement

Request Web Analytics

Email Us

There are two ways to submit a request to Web Services via email. We recommend emailing us at our new address: This will automatically generate a ticket in Jira with the subject and body of the email, as well as your email address as the go-to contact. Forwarding emails to this address will also automatically generate a ticket.

The second way to email us is the same email that we’ve been using: This email address will continue to work and requests will be routed to Jira as needed, but we recommend transitioning to one of the two new methods listed above.

Creating a Jira Account

If you submit requests via the Jira form, you will be required to create a new Jira account and password. Please use your usfca email address to create one. Creating an account will give you access to your own dashboard. You will also be able to view your currents and past requests, submit tickets internally, and easily navigate between multiple requests that you have open with us.

You can create an account on the Jira homepage.

Receiving Emails from Jira

We have received some reports that some partners are having issues receiving our messages from Jira. If you have sent us any emails through Jira and have heard nothing back, please make sure you do not have any email filters that would prevent you from receiving our emails. Specifically, please whitelist both and to ensure you are receiving our emails. 

Contact Web Services

2130 Fulton St.
Attn: Web Services
San Francisco, CA 94117

Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM