Digital Badges

What is a Digital Badge?

  • A digital badge is a visual representation of individual’s success and accomplishment in various levels of knowledge acquisition and participation.
  • Digital badges play a role as a mechanism to promote further learning and allows individuals to share their achievements easily via social media and resumes to provide exposure to potential employers.
  • Recent studies from Educause (7 Things You Should Know About Digital Badges) provide on-going evidence of the benefits in adopting digital badges in education.

Digital Badge Adoption at USF

Over the past few years, ETS launched and awarded several badges as well as partnering with other offices at USF.

Digital Badge Platform

Instructional Technology and Training (ITT) selected Badgr as a main tool that integrates with USF’s Canvas LMS. 

Badgr provides easy tools for instructors to integrate badges in a course and for students to earn and share badges on a digital platform.

Learn more about Badgr  or check out Badgr Support webpage for more helpful tips and instructions on how to share your badges,

How to Design a Badge Program or Participate in One?

ITT offers a workshop for program directors or leaders as well as faculty members who want to learn more about how to integrate a badge program in their courses or trainings. Click here to register for the Getting Started with Digital Badges class under Teaching and Learning section.

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