Graduate Student Organizations

What does it mean to register a graduate student organization with SLE?

Becoming a registered graduate student organization with Student Leadership and Engagement means becoming officially recognized as a graduate student organization at the University of San Francisco.

What are the benefits of becoming a registered graduate student organization?

  • University recognition and continued support for your organization
  • Use of University facilities and resources
  • Eligibility to submit requests for funding to the Graduate Student Senate
  • Eligibility to sponsor campus events, programs, and fundraising activities

What are the steps of registering a graduate student organization?

Step 1: Mission and Membership

Develop the concept and mission for a student organization, and be sure to have five (5) prospective graduate student members (including you) and an advisor interested in participating with and supporting this organization.

Step 2: Petition

Complete the organization registration form through Orgsync. The petition serves as an opportunity for you to share insight with the SLE Staff about your organization, which includes: 1) description of your organization, 2) a membership roster (5 member minimum), and 3) an organization constitution (which meets all requirements of the Constitution Guide for Graduate Student Organizations). Be sure to fill this form out entirely, being as specific as possible, and finally, click "Submit" at the bottom of the form. Petitions to register an organization will be accepted throughout the year.

Step 3: Review

After submitting the petition, the SLE staff will review your submission for completion and clarity. The staff will contact the organization leadership for recommended revisions. Revisions should be submitted as soon as possible to expedite the registration process.

Step 4: Notification

The SLE staff will notify the organization’s leadership after the organization’s documents have been approved and will schedule a time for the officers to attend a Student Organization Advising and Registration (SOAR) meeting.

Step 5: SOAR

The organization’s officers (preferably all officers but at least the top two executives) will attend the SOAR session. The officers should bring with them any outstanding documentation needed. This will complete the student organization registration process.

Upon completion of the following steps and approval by the SLE Staff, the organization will receive an official letter of recognition for the newly registered student organization.

*All organizations must attend another Student Organization Advising and Registration Session prior in April to be re-registered for the start of the next academic year.