Officer Transition

Smooth and successful transitioning is the key to maintaining a strong organization from year to year. A comprehensive notebook or binder of each position is a perfect way to give to each succeeding officer as a resource to use and learn from.

This notebook or binder should include:

  • A copy of the organization's constitution and by-laws
  • A complete position description and role classification
  • General organization information
  • General member requirements
  • Previous minutes and reports
  • Fliers, receipts, and supplementary materials from past projects
  • Evaluations of previous projects and programs
  • Information on current projects
  • Organizational goals and objects
  • Concrete timeline for organizational projects
  • Calendar¬†
  • Resources and Contact Lists
  • Sample meeting agenda
  • End of the year report
  • Budgetary concerns
  • Incidentals (copy codes, passwords, banking information)
  • Tips (how to reserve spaces for meetings, where to get supplies, etc.)
  • Outgoing officer tips and suggestions
  • Incoming officer goal sheet