Staff Council Action Items


This page features Staff Council active and past action items with brief statuses on each item.

Active Action Items

Item Initiated Subcommittee(s) Status
Small revisions to bylaws. February 2024 Executive Board with Staff Council Revisions have been written and HR consulted. HR due to respond in writing two weeks after proposed on 2/2/24. Changes will then go to a vote to Staff Council via email.
Run Staff Council and Executive Board election for 2024-25. January 2024 Elections and Governance and Executive Board Planning has begun for the annual Staff Council elections. Staff Council will table by Market Cafe at least once; Exec Board will create a brief write-up for the website regarding the commitment, and President of Staff Council will create brief video to promote nominations.
Pilot inviting staff-at-large to join a Staff Council subcommittee, based on interest. December 2023 Executive Board w/ Subcommittees Interest form created and circulated to Staff Council members the week of January 22, 2024. Form circulated in the Feb. 12th Staff Council newsletter; Executive Board will follow up with subcommittees within two weeks after form distributed.
Check in with key SPAC member(s) to determine staff-related Strategic Plan action items for dashboard. November 2023 Executive Board To prepare, a document was created to cross-reference the Strategic Plan priorities and working group recommendations with the SPAC dashboard and the results of the Staff Council survey. Follow up being planned.
Explore the possibility of a dedicated Accessibility Office for staff and faculty. November 2023 Campus Accessibility and Safety Staff Council discussed and subcommittee will research and gather data on the possibilities.
Participate in shared governance meetings with President Father Fitzgerald, Provost Fung, and other stakeholders. October 2023 Executive Board First meeting attended in October 2023 and second meeting attended in February 2024.
Address staff compensation and advancement concerns. October 2023 Executive Board The Executive Board will address staff compensation and advancement concerns in post-Staff Survey recommendation letter that will be sent to President Father Fitzgerald in March 2024.
Consult with Human Resources about including a Staff Council welcome letter during onboarding process. September 2023 Professional Development Subcommittee completed letter and will be working with HR about distribution.
Research current shared governance opportunities/committees for staff across the campus community. August 2023 Elections and Governance Ongoing.
Touch base with and update list of USF staff affinity groups. August 2023 Inclusion, Diversity for Education and Accountability (IDEA) Subcommittee has begun work with the ADEI office on shared priorities. Reported in February 2024 actively working on updating affinity groups information on ADEI site. A staff suggestion through the Staff Council's web form in Fall 2023 also suggested a possible staff disabilities affinity group, if one doesn't exist yet. This suggestion was passed on to subcommittee.
Research remote work policies and expectations during an emergency closure. August 2023 Campus Accessibility and Safety In progress.
Research USF history of staff sabbaticals. August 2023 Professional Development Subcommittee actively doing research.
Create proposal for a spring staff social event to both raise staff morale and help recruit for the 2024-25 Staff Council. July 2023 Executive Board Proposal was sent to Father Fitzgerald on January 24, 2024 and was refused funding, as any extra resources go to student emergencies. Staff Council will consider a self-hosted event at the end of May 2024 to welcome incoming new Staff Council members.
Develop and circulate staff survey to help refine Staff Council priorities, awareness, and effectiveness. June 2023 Executive Board with Staff Council Completed. Report published in December 2023. Next steps being taken to re-align action items and projects, if necessary. Letter of recommendations and requests will be sent to Administration in March 2024.
Based on a staff web form suggestion, write recommendation that staff can be released at 4 pm on Holy Thursday, to parallel faculty and student end-time. April 2023 Executive Board Currently being drafted in January 2024.
Requested a permanent option for new or replacement physical One Cards for staff. March 2023 Institutional Effectiveness and Safety Nearing a satisfactory completion, as vendors have no been lined up and policies being developed for physical cards.
Check on status of Cabinet meeting minutes webpage updates. March 2023 Executive Board Cabinet meeting minutes have not been updated since October 2022. Executive Board has checked in multiple times, including in January 2024.
Compile a list of awards/forms of recognition enacted by the different divisions and schools. September 2022 Awards and Recognition, Professional Development Almost complete.


Past Action Items

Item Initiated Subcommittee(s) Status
Inquired about the nature of the Staff Pay Equity survey focused on non-represented staff that was budgeted for FY23. October 2023 Executive Board The Executive Board sent an email to Staff Council liaison Associate Vice President of HR Diane Nelson about the Pay Equity survey in December 2023. Counsels Donna Davis and David Philpott sent answers to the questions via Diane Nelson on 2/1/24, which was shared at the 2/14/24 Staff Council meeting. Full email will be cited in minutes for February 14, 2024 Staff Council meeting when approved and published at next meeting in March.
Request budget for Staff Council activities and recruitment for 2024-25. January 2024 Executive Board Father Fitzgerald denied request due to financial concerns.
Create, distribute and analyze Staff Survey about USF staff priorities, Staff Council effectiveness, and shared governance. Write report and share with President Father Fitzgerald and USF staff community. August 2023 Executive Board with Staff Council Completed December 2023
Follow up on status of working/non-working accessible building entrances. May 2023 Institutional Effectiveness and Safety Subcommittee confirmed that access points reported to the Staff Council have been fixed.
Send recommendation for increased staff mental health benefits to Human Resources. March 2023 Inclusion, Diversity for Education and Accountability (IDEA) As of August 1, 2023, Human Resources increased the number of Concern therapy sessions from eight to 10 sessions per issue, per year, for staff and eligible family members. Staff who have already started a series of sessions before Aug. 1 will only be eligible for eight sessions. The increased number of sessions is not retroactive.
Amend Staff Council bylaws. March 2023 Executive Board with Staff Council Staff Council bylaws amended, approved, and updated on website May 2023.
Secure representation at the Board of Trustees plenary meetings. December 2022 Executive Board with Staff Council Starting Fall 2023, the President of the Staff Council will start attending Board of Trustees plenary meetings.
Provide input regarding updating the current USF on-campus masking policy, as requested by Human Resources. September 2022 Executive Board with Staff Council Sent recommendations to Human Resources on September 30, 2022.
Produce a monthly Staff Council newsletter. June 2022 Communications A monthly Staff Council newsletter has been produced since Fall 2022.