The Staff Council consists of eligible members of the USF staff community. 

Its purpose is to build community, identify concerns, and advocate for the needs, vision, and well-being of all USF staff in service of the mission and vision of USF. Its goals are education, transparency, advocacy, and communication. For further information you can view the Mission Statement, Vision, and Goals found within the Council’s by-laws.

To create community and be a voice for staff members at USF, communicate and voice the concerns and issues of our collective staff, work to ensure a diverse and equitable workplace, work to ensure the proper recognition of staff members, and so much more!

Good question! There are six subcommittees:

  1. Inclusion, Diversity for Education and Accountability (IDEA) Subcommittee
  2. Elections & Governance Subcommittee
  3. Professional Development Subcommittee
  4. Awards and Recognition Subcommittee
  5. Communications Subcommittee
  6. Institutional Effectiveness and Safety Subcommittee

More information is available within the Bylaws, see APPENDIX II: SUBCOMMITTEES & DESCRIPTIONS.

The Council communicates with staff through email, our website, a newsletter, and monthly meetings. 

Unionized and non-unionized full-time, exempt, and part-time staff within all divisions of the University of San Francisco (excluding the President's Cabinet and Leadership Team are eligible to become members of the Staff Council.

Of course, in fact we welcome it! All publicly held Staff Council meetings are open to all university staff members and to those staff members contracted by third-party vendors. Please visit the Staff Council website and its other publications for actual dates and information.

The Council will have 23 seats. Seats are given for every 60 university staff members, both full-time and part-time. They are divided between union and non-represented and exempt staff. As of 2022, non-represented and exempt staff can choose up to 17 seats on the Council. Unionized staff can choose up to 6 seats. Seats were decided based on the percentage of staff represented by those groups.

The Executive Board is elected from the Staff Council body and will consist of three seats: the President, Vice President, and Clerk. Their duties are outlined further in the Council’s Bylaws, see Article VI.

Yes! Following the inaugural election, all Staff Council members shall be elected for two-year terms. Members may be re-elected for a maximum of three consecutive terms or a total of six consecutive years. Terms of office shall be June 1 through May 31. 

Please note, the inaugural council may have a longer term depending on when the election process ends.

Not at this time.

The Staff Council is not the place for any work-related personnel grievances and complaints. Staff should go directly to USF’s Human Resources and follow their contractually recognized grievance procedures, as applicable.

Nomination Process

Any full-time, part-time, union, exempt, and non-represented university staff who has completed one year of employment, completed their probationary period, and is in good standing, as defined by the university. An employee may still be eligible if, by the time of their election, they will have completed the above minimum requirements.

You can nominate any qualified staff member for the Council. A qualified person must be:

  • A university hired full-time or part-time staff member
  • Be in good standing
  • Have completed all probationary periods
  • Have completed at least one year of continuous employment

Nominations for Staff Council will be accepted via this Google form.

Yes, self nominations are welcome as long as you meet the following: 

  • A university hired full-time or part-time staff member
  • Be in good standing
  • Have completed at least one year of employment
  • Completion of any probationary periods
  • Have completed at least one year of continuous employment

Nominations for Staff Council will be accepted via this Google form.

Nominations will be accepted beginning Jan. 19 to Feb. 2, 2022, i.e. a two week period has been allocated for nomination submissions.

Excellent question! It means several things: 

That each represented group shall have at least two Council members. 

If a Staff Council member should change jobs within the university, they will still serve the constituency who elected them.

For those who cannot be represented by the Staff Council (i.e. employees of third party vendors), they will have a non-voting member present.

For open seats that cannot be filled during the most current election, those seats must remain unfilled until the next general election.

The Elections and Governance Subcommittee will announce the next election to be held as needed. Nominations will be solicited during the first five (5) working days in April of each year.

A separate solicitation will be sent to the membership of each EEO job category.

Nominations shall be made by a secure online process in a manner to be determined by the Elections & Governance Committee.

All nominees will be contacted by the Elections & Governance Committee to be asked if they are interested in accepting the nomination. If accepted, the nominees will be asked to submit their photo and a bio statement by the deadline (TBD by the Elections & Governance Committee) in order to be placed on the ballot.

Nominees must accept their nomination within five (5) business days after the close of nominations. Acceptance shall be indicated using a secure online process in a manner to be determined by the Elections & Governance Committee. Nominees must also have their supervisor(s) permission before accepting the nomination.

Election Process

Information coming soon.

Staff Council seats are only filled by scheduled elections. Elections are conducted through an online secret ballot and are administered by the Staff Council Elections & Governance Subcommittee in accordance with standing operating procedures approved by the Staff Council.

There are three types of elections for members:

  1. Regular election for vacant Staff Council positions for the next service year will be held during April (nominations) and May (voting).
  2. In the event of unforeseen vacancies on the Staff Council, the Staff Council Executive Board can call a special election at the recommendation of the Elections & Governance Committee.
  3. Runoff elections will be held in the event of a tie or no nominee receiving the majority of the vote.

Elections shall begin after the close of the nomination acceptance period. Only nominated candidates who have accepted the nomination shall appear on the ballot and no write-in candidates shall be allowed. No election shall be conducted for any vacant seat if there is only one qualified candidate.

The voting period shall close two weeks after the elections began, but no sooner than ten (10) business days. No votes shall be accepted after the close of the voting period.

New Staff Council (SC) members shall be notified by email from the SC Elections and Governance Subcommittee.