Arrupe Immersions

Arrupe Immersions give USF students the chance to live in, work in, and learn from economically marginalized communities. These not-for-credit trips, both domestic and international, uphold the Ignatian principles of “observe, reflect, analyze, act.” The aim is to deepen students’ connections to the poor—and to promote the common good. Scholarships are available based on financial need. Spaces are limited.
Intersession Immersions

Spring Break Immersions

Please visit our website for more details on upcoming immersion trips. For more information, please email Mariana Plazas.

Arrupe Academic Immersions.

If you are interested in Academic Immersions that have a social justice focus, look for the Arrupe Justice Immersions (for credit). These immersion programs educate for solidarity within a globalized world and to experience the "nitty-gritty reality of that world" by combining academic, experiential, and reflective experiences that are based on the Jesuit ideal of observing, reflecting, analyzing, and acting (The Circle of Praxis).