Counseling and Psychological Services

USF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a safe place for students who experience stressful times and need someone to talk to. It is very common for all students to utilize these counseling services when they need someone to talk to. International students commonly use CAPS services to help manage stress related to their studies, cultural adjustment, homesickness, relationship challenges, and many other reasons. It is confidential and staff are professionally trained. 

CAPS has specific resources for international students. CAPS staff therapists speak multiple languages and can provide therapy in these languages. CAPS is licensed to offer therapy to students residing within California. They provide; single-session therapy, group counseling for students, and consultation and outreach services to support students’ wellness and success. Students located outside of California can still use their 24 hour crisis line, and receive a consultation. CAPS can also offer a referral to an off-campus therapist or psychiatrist, many of who speak different languages if you cannot find the right service for yourself at CAPS. 

Visit the CAPS website for more resources and information. You can schedule an appointment online or call (415) 422-6352/6351. Their staff is always available and happy to help!

Health Promotional Services

The healthcare industry in the U.S. is different from other countries. It is important for international students to know how the system works while they are studying in the U.S. because the need for urgent care could come up at any time. Healthcare in the U.S. also tends to be more expensive than in most countries. For example, if a student goes to the emergency room in the U.S., they may get a big bill of $1,000 or more if it was not covered by their insurance. 

USF Health Promotional Services is here to help students with their health care needs and navigate their coverage. Students can reach out to HPS about their student health insurance and immunization questions. HPS is used to working with international students and are happy to help you.

HPS also provides health education and resources such as nutrition, wellness, and reproductive health. Students can contact the office if you have any concerns or questions about developing healthy habits and self-care. 

Student Disability Services

SDS offers personalized services and accommodations for students with disabilities. Students who are interested in receiving services should contact SDS upon admission to USF, or upon onset of disability to start the intake/eligibility process. All students are able to utilize these services, and USF encourages students who are differently-abled to contact SDS to see how their services can support you.

Bias Education and Resources Team (BERT)

BERT is a university-wide team that works to gather information and to support those individuals who have witnessed, or themselves become a target of, an act of bias. If you experience bias or discrimination we encourage you to contact someone. BERT provides a way for you to report an incident directly to the Dean of Students office so the incident can be investigated.