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Dennis Miller 2102 Director, Disbursement Services
Desmond Dair 6732 Financial Reporting
Elizabeth Denefeld 2569 Gift & Endowment Accounting
Emmy Moore 2639 Check Cancellations & Stop Payments, Reissuing Payments, Cashed Check Inquires
Frank Wasilewski 2402 Associate Vice President
Gale Bettencourt 2575 Payroll Services
George Chin 2837 eTimesheet access, Timesheet  Approver Security (P-org assignment), Tuition Remission Taxation, W2s
Hao Nguyen 5171 Bank Reconciliation
Ivy Efendioglu 2731 Financial Applications
Jessica Lee 5967 Administrative Assistant
Kathy Seronio 2387 Concur Invoice - Service Payments, Wire Payments, 1099 Forms
Maureen Barry 5973 Restricted Gifts
Melissa Diaz 5899 Risk Services
Melissa Melnikoff 2735 Concur Invoice - Vendor Payments, PO Payments, Library Payments, SUA Payments Unclaimed Property, Vendor EFT/ACH Setup, Vendor Statements & Credits
Morgan Maich 2564 Expenditure Transfers & Departmental Chargebacks
Neva Nguyen 2772 University Controller
Rina Signh 2871 Paycheck Inquiries, Stop Payment Requests, Direct Deposit, W4 and DE4 Tax Forms
Russell Gustafson 2438 eTimesheet access, Timesheet Approver Security (P-org assignment), Ad Hoc Reporting
Samantha Wilkinson 2579 University Cashier, Vendor Maintenance, W-9 Compliance, Cash Advance
Sandy Verdier 2570 Check, Wire & ACH Deposit Inquiries, CASHNet Refunds and CASHNet Assisted Payments
Sharon Fusick 2488 General Accounting, Receivables
Shirley Wing 5181 Agency Billing
Teresa Zane 2577 Financial Applications
Tracy Dip 5977 Concur Expense, Purchasing-Card Applications, Limit changes & Training, Non-employee reimbursements, Electronic Communication Authorization & Reimbursement Forms (ECP)
Wanda Hicks 2832 Faculty/Staff Paycheck Inquiries, Garnishments
Yolanda Pan 4650 Payroll & Benefit Accounting