Accounts Payable

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Our goal is to provide an excellent customer service experience by going above and beyond, solving any issues you may have.  Our friendly staff of subject matter experts add a personal touch and a unique perspective. We take initiative and aim to deliver a timely response. We work with you to get the job done.

Please refer to our Disbursement Services Guide for payment methods, guidelines, and contacts.

What services does Accounts Payable provide?

  • Vendor payments for goods and services
  • Employee and student reimbursement payments
  • Wire transfer payments – foreign & domestic
  • Unclaimed property compliance & reporting
  • W-9 compliance
  • Oversight and distribution of IRS 1099 forms
  • Vendor & employee electronic fund transfer (EFT) setup and maintenance
  • Verify that adequate documentation & approvals exist prior to releasing payments to vendors
  • Monitor vendor statements and investigate billing or payment errors
  • Stop payment and check cancellation requests

How do I pay an invoice?

University Purchasing Card (P-card)

Pay an invoice using your USF Purchasing Card (P-Card). You will need to reconcile the credit card charges on your monthly expense report in Concur Expense. You will also need to provide a scanned image of the invoice as a receipt.

Learn more about the university P-card

Concur Invoice

Submit a payment request electronically online through Concur Invoice. The payment request will automatically be routed through your department for approval. You will need to provide a scanned image of the invoice as documentation.

Learn more about Concur Invoice

Who do I contact?

Tracy | (415) 422-2871

Concur Invoice - Vendor Payments, PO Invoice Payments, Library Invoice Payments, SUA Payments Unclaimed Property, Vendor Credits

Kathy | (415) 422-2387

Concur Invoice - Service Payments, Wire Payments,  1099 Forms

Kris Bailey | | (415) 422-2735

Vendor Maintenance, W-9 Compliance, Vendor EFT/ACH Set-up

Victoria Lei | | (415) 422-5977

Stop Payments on Checks, Check Cancellations, Reissuing Payments, Cashed Check Inquires

Concur Expense, Purchasing-Card Applications, Limit changes & Training, Non-employee Reimbursements

Unsure? Please call our Accounts Payable line at (415) 422-6371 or email at