The Concur Technologies Suite is comprised of the Concur Expense, Travel & Invoice systems.

Concur Expense

This tool serves as a portal for the University of San Francisco employees to submit business-related out-of-pocket expenses and reconcile purchasing card transactions.

Purchasing Card - Applicants: please discuss with your department Business Manager to determine if a Purchasing Card is a viable option for you. If they approve of your access to this feature, have them initiate the Purchasing Card Application form. Once the form is filled out and delivered to Accounting and Business Services, you will be contacted by a member of our staff regarding the upcoming monthly training details.

Out-of-Pocket Reimbursements

A formal in-person training is not required to gain access to the Concur expense tool. However, if requested, employees may attend the monthly Concur Expense training. For more information regarding the monthly training please contact

We recommend new users watch a Concur Expense Tutorial. Upon completion, please contact

All Concur users must abide to USF’s Travel & Entertainment Policy. Effective January 1, 2008, all employees are also required to submit out-of-pocket expenses, purchasing card/declining balance card transactions, and cash advance requests through Concur Expense.

Concur Travel

This tool may be utilized for all USF business-related travel, student group travel and/or guest bookings such as incoming applicants or speakers. The university Travel and Entertainment policies are embedded into the system to ensure that the user is selecting the most appropriate and cost effective options. Although this feature is not mandatory for all travel related bookings, users may experience perks and seamless expense reporting integration.

For training please contact

Concur Invoice

This tool is used to submit non-PO payments requests for vendors, wires, petty cash or non-employee reimbursements. For training, please contact Tracy Dip  to be invited to the online training class on Canvas.

For training please contact to be invited to an online training class on Canvas.

Effective June 1, 2012, all employees are required to submit a request for a non-purchase order payment through Concur Invoice.

Concur Invoice Tips

How do I know what Request Type to select when submitting a payment request?

  • Vendor Payments: Typical vendor payments include but are not limited to Payment for Goods (i.e. Office Supplies, Books, Brochures) Subscriptions, Membership Dues, Software Licenses, Koret Refunds, Application Fee Refunds, Other Refunds.
  • Service Payments: Please check the Internal Audit and Tax Compliance page to review the list of payments that do not require Independent Contractor Approval.
  • Non-Employee Reimbursements: Reimbursements, including Petty Cash Reimbursements.

Are you submitting a Service Payment?
If you are submitting payment request into Concur Invoice for a Service Payment to an individual who is providing professional, technical, administrative or unique services to the University, you must obtain approval from our Internal Audit & Tax Compliance Department. You can do this by submitting an I.C.Approval Request Form. Once the services are approved, you will be sent a confirmation email which needs to be uploaded into your payment request as backup.

What do I do if an invoice number is not provided?
Please refer to the Concur Invoice Naming Conventions Guide.

When will my Concur Invoice payment request be paid?

Approval Status Approval Status Explanation Payment Status Payment Status Explanation
Not Submitted The submitter has not submitted the payment request yet.  Not Paid Request has not been fully approved, so please see the Approval Status.
Pending Approval or Pending Cost Object Approved The Department still needs to approve the paid request. To find out whose level the request is at, go to Details & Approval Flow.   Request was approved the same day and will be paid within 5 days*.
Accounting Review The payment request needs to be reviewed by Disbursements/Accounts Payable. Extracted Request will be paid within 5 days*.
Approved The payment will be paid within 5 days*. Paid Request has been paid. Submitters of a request can view the payment details by going back into the request.
Vendor Approval Payment request has been approved by Disbursements/Accounts Payable, but the new vendor request still needs to be approved. It is a separate approval from the payment request.    
Sent Back to Employee The payment request was sent back to the person who submitted the request. The submitter needs to check their “Unsubmitted Requests” queue and read the Comments (under Details) that were created when the request was sent back.

All of these Approval Statuses will have a Payment Status of Not Paid.

*Five days refers to  business days so weekends are excluded.