Fiscal Year Calendar

The calendar below reflects events from March 2018 through May 2019. Thank you for your adherence to these deadlines. Download PDF version

See Accruals and Deferrals for more information.

March 16th (Friday)

  • FY18 February reports available on ePrint

March 26th  (Monday)

  • Last day to submit FY18 FF&E Requisitions. Lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks and excludes holidays, factory/office closures, and other unforeseen circumstances (i.e. weather and road closures). 

March 30th (Friday)

  • All submitted requisitions should indicate the FY which the expense should be allocated as well as the date goods are needed and lead time. For services, dates must be provided in which the service will be rendered.

April 13th (Friday)

  • Review all PO’s and open commitments issued before 03/01/2018 and provide summaries to PAAs indicating which should remain open and closed.

April 17th (Tuesday)

  • FY18 March reports available on ePrint.

May 16th (Wednesday)

  • FY18 April reports available on ePrint

May 17th (Thursday)

  • Last day to approve invoices and wire requests in Concur Invoice, submit expense reports in Concur Expense, and deliver signed & approved Purchase Order invoices to ABS.
  • Last day to deliver cash departmental deposits during normal cashier hours. Cash deposits can continue to be delivered within 24 hours of receipt to cashier drop box until May 26th.  All check departmental deposits should continue to be dropped off daily.

May 23rd (Wednesday)

  • Last day to submit on-line FY18 Central Stores orders(Office Depot/Staples) and Amazon Business account orders.

May 25th (Friday)

  • Review all remaining FY18 PO's and Open Commitments and provide summaries to PAAS indicating which should remain open and closed.
  • Last day to approve Copy Mill proofs for FY18 Business Cards and Stationary orders. This excludes rush and special orders.
  • Last day to submit Copy Mill on-line duplicating orders (Last FY18 pickup day). This excludes rush and large quantity orders.

May 31st (Wednesday) END OF FY2018

  • All goods must be received by Central Receiving and posted to Banner and Hilltop Shop to be charged to FY18.
  • Last day to approve Concur expense reports for out-of-pocket and Purchasing Card charges related to FY18.

June 5th (Monday)

  • Last day to submit Contract & Grant expense transfers/corrections.
  • Last day to submit recurring journals.

June 18th (Monday)

  • First preliminary FY18 May reports available on ePrint.

June 22nd (Friday)

  • Last day to submit final corrections, expense transfers, and budget transfers for FY18.
  • Last day to submit invoices or provide details of items to be booked as an accrual for FY18.

June 29th (Friday)

  • Second preliminary FY18 May reports available on ePrint.

July 13th (Friday)

  • FY18 Financial Certifications by Management are due.

August 18th (Saturday)

  • FY19 June & July Monthend reports available on ePrint.

September 2018 (TBD)

  • Final FY18 reports available on ePrint.

September 17th (Monday)

  • FY19 August reports available on ePrint.

October 16th (Tuesday)

  • FY19 September reports available on ePrint.

November 15th (Thursday)

  • FY19 October reports available on ePrint.

December 17th (Monday)

  • FY19 November reports available on ePrint.

January 16th (Wednesday)

  • FY19 December reports available on ePrint.

February 15th (Friday)

  • FY19 January reports available on ePrint.

March 15th (Friday)

  • FY19 February reports available on ePrint.

April 16th (Tuesday)

  • FY19 March reports available on ePrint.

May 15th (Wednesday)

  • FY19 April reports available on ePrint.