Fiscal Year Calendar

The calendar below reflects events from March 2021 through May 2022. Thank you for your adherence to these deadlines. Download PDF version

See Accruals and Deferrals for more information.

03/16/2021 | Tuesday

  • FY21 February reports are available on ePrint.

 03/19/2021 | Friday    

  • Last day to submit FY21 Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E) requisitions to Purchasing & Ancillary Services (PaAS). Minimum lead time is 6-8 weeks, excluding unforeseeable delays. Delivery must occur and Hilltop Shop (HTS) receipt posted by 5:00 pm on Monday, 5/31/2021.

 04/02/2021| Friday    

  • All requisitions should indicate the FY to charge in the comment field of the HTS order. For non-catalog orders, please indicate lead time and date required. Service orders must indicate the date(s) services will be rendered. 

 04/06/2021  | Tuesday   

  • FY22 will be open in Banner and Hilltop Shop for orders that will be delivered, or services to be rendered on or after 6/1/2021. If goods/services are received prior to 6/1/2021, the expenditures will be charged to FY21.  However, ABS will use discretionary thresholds when recording these expenditures close to the end of the fiscal year.  Punch-out orders will not be processed against FY22 until Monday, 6/1/2021.

 04/09/2021 | Friday    

  • Review open purchase orders (POs) issued before 3/1/2021. Please email indicating POs to close. Please include PO#, Vendor Name and remaining encumbrance amount. 

04/16/2021 | Friday

  • FY21 March reports available on ePrint.

05/13/2021 | Thursday by noon

  • p-REQs (Banner POs only): Last day to submit and approve FY21 p-REQs to create Banner PO (non-HTS  order).


  1. This requisition type is ONLY used if the vendor is not active in HTS and there is an active Banner vendor number set-up correctly. This includes valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) on file, order-to/remit-to addresses, ACH, etc.
  2. Delivery must be posted before 5:00 pm on Monday, 5/31/2021 by Central Receiving. Please email by noon on Monday, 5/31/2021. Indicate the PO#, quantity and date the item was received or the date the service was rendered.
  3. The vendor must submit the invoice to Accounts Payable on or before 5/31/2021.

05/14/2021 | Friday    

  • Final review of FY21 open POs. Please email indicating POs to close. Please include PO#, Vendor Name, and remaining encumbrance. 

05/14/2021 | Friday 

  • Standard Stationery and Business Card Orders: (Copy Mill Printing & Graphics): Last day to approve  final proofs for standard  business cards/stationery orders to receive items by Friday, 5/31/2021. Special orders are not included. Please contact CopyMill Printing & Graphics to obtain estimated delivery date. Please ensure the PO number is referenced.

05/17/2021 | Monday

  • FY21 April reports available on ePrint.

05/20/2021 | Thursday

  • Concur Invoice: Last day to approve invoices and wire requests.
  • Concur Expense:  Last day to submit expense reports.

 05/21/2021 | Friday    

  •  Duplicating: Last day to submit dropbox orders and email orders to orders are not included.  Please contact CopyMill Printing & Graphics to obtain estimated delivery date.  Please ensure you reference the print job number. 

05/25/2021 | Tuesday

  • Last day for cash & check departmental deposits. Please send any checks (with respective support and DDRs) via intercampus mail through the mailroom by Tuesday 5/25/21. The intercampus mail envelope should specify, “ABS Controller’s Group." Also include the sending department, and seal the envelope with packing tape to help reduce any tampering efforts.

05/25/2021 | Tuesday

  • Last day to approve Concur expense reports for out-of-pocket and p-Card charges related to FY21.

05/28/2021 | Friday

  •  Hilltop Shop (HTS): Last day for departments to post PO delivery and service receipts to qualify for FY21. Departments may verify posted receipts in HTS.


  1. Delivery or services were rendered before close of business on Friday 5/28/2021.
  2. Vendor must submit invoices through the USF Vendor Portal on or before 5/28/2021.

05/28/2021 | Friday by noon

  •  Banner POs from p-REQs (non-HTS order): Last day for departments to notify Central Receiving by emailing to post receipts on Banner POs for FY21. Indicate the PO#, quantity and date the item was received or the date the service was rendered.  Departments may verify posted receipts in SSB.


  1. Delivery must occur before close of business on Friday, 5/28/2021.
  2. The vendor must submit the invoice to ABS on or before 5/28/2021.

05/28/2021| Friday

  • Last day to submit Contract & Grant expense transfers/corrections.

05/31/2021 | Monday

  •  Last day of Fiscal Year 2021

06/01/2021  | Monday

  • First day to submit HTS punch-out store orders for FY22 expenditures.

06/07/2021  | Monday

  • Last day to submit recurring journals.

06/15/2021 | Tuesday

  • First preliminary May reports available on ePrint.

06/18/2021| Friday

  • Last day to submit FY21 accruals. If invoices are not available for submission, but goods and services were received prior to 6/1/2021, please provide the following details of items to be booked as an accrual for FY21 to accounting:
  1. FOAP the expenditure should be charged to.
  2. Amount for the anticipated invoice.
  3. Name of the respective vendor and goods and/or services provided.
  4. Relevant documentation to support expenditure (i.e. email correspondence w/vendor).

06/18/2021 | Friday

  • Last day to submit final corrections, expense transfers, and budget transfers for FY21.

06/26/2021 | Saturday

  • Second preliminary May reports available on ePrint.

07/09/2021 | Friday

  •  Financial certifications by Management are due.

08/25/2021 | Wednesday

  • FY22 June & July Month end reports available on ePrint.

September 2021 | TBD

  • Final FY21 reports available on ePrint.

09/15/2021| Wedesday

  • FY22 August reports available on ePrint.

10/15/2021 | Friday

  • FY22 September reports available on ePrint.

11/16/2021 | Tuesday

  • FY22 October reports available on ePrint.

12/15/2021 |Wednesday

  • FY22 November reports available on ePrint.

01/14/2022 | Friday

  • FY22 December reports available on ePrint.

02/14/2022 | Tuesday

  • FY22 January reports available on ePrint.

03/15/2022 | Tuesday

  • FY22 February reports available on ePrint.

04/15/2022 | Friday

  • FY22 March reports available on ePrint.

05/16/2022 |Monday

  • FY22 April reports available on ePrint.