CS 4+1 Program


Computer Science undergraduates interested in pursuing a master's degree are encouraged to consider the CS 4+1 program. This dual degree program allows CS undergraduates to integrate graduate level coursework in their final two years, and then complete their MS in one additional year post-bachelor's degree. Students are eligible to apply once they meet the following requirements:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, 3.3 major GPA or higher 
  • Have completed the following courses:
    • CS 221 C & Systems Programming
    • CS 245 Data Structures & Algorithms
    • CS 272 Software Development

Students who have not completed all three prerequisites by the start of their junior year can still apply. Please contact the Graduate Program Manager, Gian Bruno, to discuss your academic plan.

Application Process

Students are eligible to apply at the end of their sophomore year and have completed the three prerequisite courses listed above. The department will send out the application submission details to all students via email at the end of the spring semester. Students are required to submit the following materials:

  • All unofficial college-level transcripts (USF and any community college transcripts)
  • Statement of Purpose (2 pages maximum)
  • 2 CS Faculty Letters of Recommendation

The fall 2022 application can be accessed here: https://forms.gle/mTmfX6FLL4Cn9ezX9

CS 4+1 Curriculum

The CS 4+1 curriculum allows for advanced undergraduates to complete MS coursework during the junior and senior year of their bachelor's degree. Most students enrolled in this program will complete the following graduate courses during their undergraduate degree:

  • CS 601 Principles of Software Development (junior year, fall semester)
  • CS 603 Algorithms (senior year, fall semester)
  •  CS 621 Network Programming, CS 631 System Foundations, and CS 326 (spring semesters of Junior and Senior year)
    • Two CS courses count towards the BSCS major requirements, the third counts towards the MSCS degree requirements. All three apply to the 128 units necessary for a bachelor's degree in CS.
    • CS 4+1 students should take this three course sequence and not CS 315. For students who have taken CS 315, you can discuss a path with the department's Graduate Program Manager.
  • One Development course (senior year, spring semester)

In addition to these four courses, CS 490 can fulfill the requirements of both BS and MS (CS 690) and is the only course that can count in both program major requirements. 

Additional Program Requirements

CS 4+1 students need to meet the follow requirements:

  • Must complete BS within four years
  • Must complete one MS core each semester of Junior and/or Senior year
  • 16 units of MS courses taken during junior and senior year cannot count towards 48 unit BSCS core
  • 16 units of MS courses taken during junior and senior year can count as general electives of the 128 units needed to graduate with a BSCS

Once students complete and graduate from the BS portion of the degree, their status is changed to graduate level, at which point they are eligible to participate in the Practicum or Directed Studies with faculty. Students can count a maximum of 4 units from the Practicum or Directed Studies towards the MS degree requirements. 

Students can download a CS 4+1 planning worksheet here.