CS Gradate Program Reapplication

Students that are dismissed from the MS in Computer Science or MS in Computer Science Bridge program due of poor academic progress may reapply for admission. All dismissed students should contact both the Faculty Director and Graduate Program Manager to discuss readmission. Those seeking to be readmitted should use the following policy to guide the process:

Reapplication Requirements

  • Wait two years before reapplying (application fee will be waived)
  • Submit a complete application online, including test scores
  • Show improvement of skills through any of the following options:
         1. Additional coursework at a separate institution
         2. At least one year of professional experience as a software engineer
         3. Submission of new projects
  • Submit two recommendation letters from faculty and/or project manager(s) who have interacted with an applicant in the last 2 years and can assess their technical skills
  • Statement of purpose should address prior academic issues and what was done to improve skills

Applicants are strongly encouraged to talk with the graduate director for suggestions on which additional coursework they should complete and which skills need to be improved prior to reapplying. It is important to note that readmitted students inherit their previous USF graduate GPA, and are required to bring their cumulative GPA to a 3.0 or higher to graduate.  

Please note that readmission is not guaranteed.