Annual Assessment

DEADLINE: Yearly Assessment Reports for all major, minors, graduate, and non-degree programs are due the last Friday in October, every academic year. Due to COVID-19, the due date for 2019-2020 Assessment Reports has been extended to Friday, December 4, 2020. For those programs requiring additional time to complete their annual assessment reports, please contact your area FDCD for options and support.


The College of Arts and Sciences assessment timeline includes yearly themes and target deadlines through Spring 2019. This process was developed in light of the WASC Reaccreditation and the process now continues with all academic and co-curricular units submitting an assessment report each year. The report is reviewed by the Faculty Directors of Curriculum Development and the ADAE, who provide written feedback to all programs and are available for consultation as and when needed.

Assessment Timeline 2015-19

Submitting Your Report

Assessment Report Templates for 2019-2020:

This year there are two options to complete the assessment report. Programs can choose either one, based on which one they deem more useful. The regular template assesses a program learning outcome, which programs can complete if they have already collected data for Fall 2019 - Spring 2020. The alternative template provides space for programs to reflect on online/distance learning. 

Please submit your yearly assessment report to:

File naming convention:

Please write the academic year and name of your program or department in the subject line.

For example: AY19-20_FineArts_Major (if you decide to submit a separate report for major and minor); AY19-20_FineArts_Aggregate (when submitting an aggregate report)

Trouble submitting or uploading files?

E-mail for quick tips, troubleshooting, and any questions that arise.

Report Examples

  • BS Biology
    Areas of Strength - Mission Statement, Program Learning Outcomes, Methods, Results, Closing the Loop
  • Environmental Science
    Areas of Strength - Mission Statement, Program Learning Outcomes, Methods, Results, Closing the Loop

Curricular Map Examples

Faculty Directors of Curriculum Development

For guidance in carrying out assessment requirements, and answers to specific questions that may arise, please contact the Faculty Director of Curriculum Development (FDCD) in your specific area. If you are unsure what area your program falls under, and/or what FDCD you should contact for help, please refer to the FDCD Organization Chart.

Handy Reference Materials for Assessment

Below, find a helpful collection of reference materials about various areas of assessment.
We hope you find these helpful through your assessment journey.


  • A comprehensive (and quick!) guide to assessment is on its way.
  • Bloom's Taxonomy - Action Verbs Revised Guide
  • Analytic Critical Thinking Rubric
  • Analytic Writing Rubric
  • Holistic Critical Thinking Rubric 
  • Holistic Writing Rubric

Program Learning Outcomes

Developing and Implementing Good Academic Rubrics

USF Institutional Assessment Efforts

To know more about assessment done across the University visit the web page for the Office of Assessment and Accreditation Support.

More questions for us?

Please reach out to our Program Assistant, Ella Frazer, at