Syllabus Checklist


  • Basic information about the course
  • Course description
  • What students can expect to learn in the course (also known as "learning outcomes")
  • How student learning will be evaluated (required work for the course, also known as "assessments")
  • Grading breakdown and grading policies
  • Texts and supplies for the class and where to buy/find them
  • Course schedule, including required reading and assignment due dates
  • Attendance policy
  • Communication information (including boilerplate statement regarding USF email)
  • Links to Program learning outcomes and to learning outcomes for any relevant CoreCommunity Engaged Learning (formerly Service Learning), or Cultural Diversity designations, with additional information available as full description or as annotation, footnote, or appendix (per decision of the Core Advisory Committee, any Core Area Learning Outcomes should be placed in full on the syllabus)
  • USF policies and legal declarations
  • USF credit hour policy (required for non-traditional course formats)


  • Course- or instructor-specific academic honesty policy
  • Other course-specific policies
  • Course-specific behavioral expectations and classroom rules
  • Outside activities information
  • USF credit hour policy (optional for traditional course formats)
  • Resources from the Writing and Speaking Centers 
  • USF Food Pantry information