Syllabus Checklist


  • Basic information about the course
  • Course description
  • What students can expect to learn in the course (also known as "learning outcomes")
  • How student learning will be evaluated (required work for the course, also known as "assessments")
  • Grading breakdown and grading policies
  • Texts and supplies for the class and where to buy/find them
  • Course schedule, including required reading and assignment due dates
  • Attendance policy
  • Communication information (including boilerplate statement regarding USF email)
  • Links to Program learning outcomes and to learning outcomes for any relevant Loading... designations, with additional information available as full description or as annotation, footnote, or appendix (NOTE: Core Learning Outcomes should be listed on an applicable syllabi, not linked)
  • USF policies and legal declarations
  • USF credit hour policy (required for non-traditional course formats)


  • Course- or instructor-specific academic honesty policy
  • Other course-specific policies
  • Course-specific behavioral expectations and classroom rules
  • Outside activities information
  • USF credit hour policy (optional for traditional course formats)