Syllabus Templates and Examples

Every semester, this page will be updated with downloadable, editable syllabi templates based on the College Arts and Sciences syllabus guidelines. These include the actual meeting dates and required language for your convenience. Please see the the syllabus guidelines page for more information on the required and optional elements of the syllabus. 

Syllabus Templates

Fall 2023 (All Dates)

INtersession 2024 (All Dates)

Spring 2024 (All Dates)

Summer 2024 (All Dates)

Simple Syllabus

USF has started to transition to the Simple Syllabus online platform that enables instructors to create easy-to-manage, interactive syllabi for their courses. You can learn more about Simple Syllabus through ETS. In the next few years, Simple Syllabus will become the central repository for posting and storing course syllabi, replacing the gnosis storage system. 

What are the benefits of using Simple Syllabus?

  • Integrates into your Canvas course
  • Populates University policies and course meeting dates automatically into your course syllabus 
  • Transfers templates between semesters, making it easier to update syllabi throughout the year
  • Serves as a syllabus repository, automatically sharing documents with the Dean's Office as required by the CBA (eliminating the need to share your files with Program Assistants and upload to gnosis)
  • Meets accessibility standards outlined as part of Section 508 so that all students have an equal opportunity to learn
  • Allows syllabi to be downloaded as PDF documents and easily accessed from multiple devices at any time
  • Provides students with an interactive, common look and feel among all of their courses

Access Simple Syllabus here

Sample Syllabi

These sample syllabi illustrate various ways faculty members teaching different sorts of courses structure their syllabi.

Syllabus Example: BTEC 698

Syllabus Example: CORE E and CD

Syllabus Example: LAS Directed Study

Syllabus Example: COMS 369 CEL

Syllabus Example: Directed Study Film Production