External Funding

USF Office of Contracts and Grants

The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) helps USF faculty and staff secure and manage federal, state, and local funding for research and institutional contracts and grants.

The OCG subscribes to InfoEd’s SpinPlus, a comprehensive database of over 1,200 public and private funding sources, including federal, state, and foundation opportunities for all academic disciplines. You can find information about signing up for InfoEd here.

The OCG also lists recent grant recipients across the campus, some of whom may be willing to offer advice and guidance. 

If you decide to apply for an external research grant, you will complete the Intent to Apply form, which is sent to the Dean’s Office and the OCG. A process begins that involves the Principal Investigator (PI), the Associate Dean or Dean, and the OCG. The process is faster if the PI has met informally with the Associate Dean about support issues, such as cost sharing, dedicated research space, and course buy-outs.