Class Time Modification and Absence Policy

This page pertains to articles 19.1.5 and 19.1.6 of the full-time faculty CBA, and article 10.1 of the part-time faculty CBA.

Please note that the University considers the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break to be a standard class day.

Modifications to the Scheduled Seat Time or Class Cancellations

Any modifications to the scheduled seat time for a course (whether one-time or ongoing), cancellation of classes for any reasons, or modifications to the scheduled final exam, must have written Dean's Office approval. You should discuss your rationale for the change with your associate dean, who will assess its impact on student learning and educational experience, and on faculty workload. Depending on the circumstances, the associate dean may consult the College Curriculum Committee and/or your department chair.

Anticipated Absences

Any anticipated absence from class (for example, to attend a conference) must have prior Dean's approval. Please complete the Request to be Absent from Class form, and submit it to your Associate Dean's assistant at least two weeks prior to the absence. The form asks you to provide a rationale for your absence, and a plan to either provide a substitute instructor or otherwise make the class up. For replacement assignments, there should be an instructional component, which can include an alternative meeting or conference with students, instructor moderated online discussion (or pre-recorded video lecture, if appropriate), a tour or field visit guided by an appropriate instructor, or other discipline appropriate activities. Faculty should avoid substituting instructional time with additional assignments that may already be a part of the course expectations, or are otherwise additional "homework." Make sure to also include the signature of your department chair or program director. Anticipated absences should not result in class cancellations except under extreme circumstances. Please note that requiring your program assistant to proctor any kind of class activity as a substitute for you is not a viable option, as such duties are not in the OPE job description and thus cannot be allowed. The same is true for non-USF personnel, who may not proctor class activity without prior approval from the Dean.

Unanticipated Absences

If unexpected circumstances prevent you from making it to your class (such as illness or sudden emergency), you should notify your program assistant (for Hilltop Campus faculty) or your Branch Campus Office Manager (for Branch Campus faculty), who will know the procedure to follow. If you are able to send an email, please also copy your associate dean's assistant to it. If you have special instructions for your students, you should pass them on to your program assistant. If you have a viable plan for a substitute instructor, and there is time to implement it, please discuss it with your associate dean and department chair.

Contact the Dean or any of the Associate Deans.