Eloquentia Perfecta: Celebrating Rhetoric at USF

Eloquentia Perfecta 2023-2024

Eloquentia Perfecta: Celebrating Rhetoric at USF is an event series hosted by the Department of Rhetoric and Language, showcasing outstanding written, oral, visual, and digital rhetoric. We also listen to and learn from our multilingual students, promote innovative and multimodal approaches to rhetoric, and celebrate eloquentia perfecta—communicating for the common good.

Our Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 events are open to the entire USF community and do not require registration.


St. Ignatius Dialogues

The St. Ignatius Dialogues are Jesuit values driven speaking competitions hosted annually by Loyola Marymount and the University of San Francisco. The unique tournament formats are intended to be non-dichotomous, collaborative, and involve several forms of competitive speaking.  Furthermore, the Dialogues involve unique forms of adjudication, expert judges, study tours, service learning events, keynote addresses, and socials.

Visit the Civic Debate Consortium's webpage for more info 



International Student Forum Fall 2023

In partnership with International Education Week.

Do you promote inclusive learning and teaching practices to help International multilingual students succeed academically and culturally? What questions do you have about using meaningful pedagogy to support linguistically and culturally diverse students at USF? Please join us as we think through these issues directly with international undergraduate and graduate students.

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Writing for a Real World Issue 21

Celebrating USF’s finest undergraduate research, Writing for a Real World’s 21st issue features the work of Joshua Dineros, Metyia Kyndall Phillips, Callan Cimino, Jared Murti, Mateo Angel Gonzalez, Catherine  Kenney Pluimer, Veronica Mireles, Noah Lee, Aurelie Sciaroni, Madeline Dutra, and Ruby Smee.


Cotchett Speaker Showcase 2024

The best of the best of USF's undergraduate students share their talents in this showcase presentation. The showcase includes speeches that are exceptional extemporaneous performances, and employ astute ethical and sound reasoning as well as a nuanced attention to the situation and audience.

Joseph Cotchett Speaker's Award for Social Justice - Blake Griffith's "The Part Time Faculty Union"
Bill Workman Speakers Award on Public Affairs - Helena Barrios' "Mandated Mental Health"

Cotchett Speaker Showcase winners
-Chisom Okorafor's "Working Hard or Hardly Working?"
-Arianna Costello's "The Dangers of Sonar"
-Emiko Uohara's "What Are You?"

Watch the event recording