Department of Rhetoric and Language Faculty

Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty

Regina Arnold

Adjunct Professor

(415) 422-6862

She is a former teaching fellow at Stanford's Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity and her scholarly interests include media studies…

Joanne Babin

Adjunct Professor

(415) 422-6862

I am currently living the dream as a full time part time instructor at three different colleges. Since earning my MA from University of the Pacific…

Sue Bae

Adjunct Professor

(415) 422-6862

Sue Bae has a BA in Sociology from Ewha Women's University in Seoul, Korea and an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and an EdD in…

Robert Bathrick

Adjunct Professor

(415) 422-4666

Bob Bathrick has been teaching AEM and Composition to adults since 2001. He worked at ELS Language Centers for 6 years, preparing students for…

Angela Beasley

Adjunct Professor

(415) 422-6862

I love being an educator and teaching Public Speaking and Argumentation and Debate courses at USF. I have taught Small Group, Interpersonal,…

Robert Randall Boller

Assistant Professor

(415) 422-6862

Robert R. Boller has a diverse academic and professional background focused on rhetoric, communication, and leadership development.  He is a debate…

James Warren Boyd

Adjunct Professor

(415) 422-6862

James Warren Boyd received his BA, History from UCLA and his advanced degrees (MA English: Literature, M. A. Communication Studies: Performance…
Philip Choong teaches across the areas of rhetoric, which he defines for his students as "communication that seeks action for the common good." At…

Roberta D'Alois

Adjunct Professor

(415) 422-6243

Roberta D’Alois teaches business communication at USF as well as at San Francisco State University. Prior to beginning her teaching career, she spent…

Christopher P. DeLorenzo

Adjunct Professor

(415) 422-6047

Due to his background in fiction writing, and his publication experience with poetry, Christopher DeLorenzo brings a passion for the written word to…

Emeriti Faculty

Doreen Ewert

Professor Emerita, Rhetoric & Language

(415) 422-2607

Doreen Ewert has an MA in English Literature from the University of Notre Dame and a PhD in TESOL and Applied Linguistics from Indiana University.…

Stephanie Vandrick


(415) 422-2407

Stephanie Vandrick teaches in the AEM Program in the Department of Rhetoric and Language. Professor Vandrick received a double MA in English…