Policies and References

Studio Policies

As members of the XARTS Community, Students, Faculty and Staff work together to maintain a creative and professional work environment. Everyone shall do their part to take care of the studios and equipment and create an atmosphere of respect and community. In XARTS we believe our creative and professional practice should reflect the highest regard for social justice and environmental responsibility. By working responsibly, cleaning your work space, re-using and recycling, and helping others do the same, we can strengthen and support our community and directly reduce our ecological footprint.


Each studio/classroom maintains different access requirements and schedules. Enrollment does not automatically mean unlimited access. To learn more about obtaining access to a particular studio contact the Studio Manager, Luca Ameri at lameri@usfca.edu.

Studio Conduct

Students are responsible for maintaining their work areas and cleaning up after themselves. Custodians do not clean student work areas and will not remove student materials, scraps or supplies from the classroom. Failure to maintain your work area will negatively effect studio access and/or final grades.

Recycling containers are located in the XARTS Lobby and ARCH hallway adjacent to elevators. Small recycling containers can be found in the ARCH classrooms. The reuse container AKA " Free Bin"is located in ARCH hallway adjacent to elevator. For additional information visit: Material Use and Disposal Guide.

Qualified students may work in XARTS studios, classrooms, and the XARTS Lobby. Hallways, corridors, stairways and doorways must be kept clear of furniture and debris. Fire corridors must be left completely open.

Studio Use

Do not cut directly on desks or work benches. Always us a cutting mat. Drilling and cutting tools may only be used at work benches. The use of spray paint, spray fixative and spray mount are PROHIBITED within XARTS Studios. These materials are extremely hazardous and damage equipment and furniture. These chemical may only be used outside. Students must be at least 20 feet from any window or doorway to prevent fumes and particulates from entering the studios.

Gypsum products, plaster and cement are prohibited in the ARCH classrooms, XARTS Lobby and the painting and printmaking studio. These materials damage equipment, floors and furniture. Casting materials may only be used by qualified students in the Sculpture studio. NEVER PUT PLASTER OR CEMENT INTO THE SINK! IT DESTROYS PLUMBING, MAY RESULT IN STUDIO CLOSURES AND AND COSTLY REPAIRS.

Do not pour chemicals or harmful materials into sinks or onto the ground. Do not put hazardous materials into the garbage, including chemical containers, batteries, and razors. Sharps Disposal bins are located in every classroom/studio. Deposit old batteries in the used batteries bin located in the XARTS Lobby.For additional information visit: Material Use.


Material Use

Here in XARTS we believe in working with the safest methods and materials possible. We encourage our students to develop a sustainable practice that reflects our core values of social justice and environmental responsibility. Many of the chemicals and materials used in design, fine arts and architecture are dangerous and even toxic to humans, animals and the environment. It is important to understand fully the handling and disposal requirements of a certain material or chemical. Unsafe use may result in physical injury or death. Improper disposal can result in property loss and environmental damage.

Proper Use and Disposal

Students are responsible for the safe and proper use and disposal of materials and chemicals used in XARTS. Material use guidelines varies across studios and discipline. Always consult your instructor, the Studio Manager or Studio Monitors before attempting to use any material or chemical for the first time. For complete information download the XARTS Material Use and Disposal Guidelines.

General Rules

Plaster (gypsum) and cement-based materials may only be used in the Sculpture/Ceramics Studios during class time under the supervision of the instructor or during open lab hours under the supervision of the Studio Manager or Studio Monitors. Do not pour oil, paint, solvents, plaster based and cement-based materials or chemicals down the drain. Absolutely no spray paint, spray adhesive, or spray fixative use inside the building. Only mix as much material as you can use. Extra material must be deposited in the Land Fill dumpster outside, adjacent to the XARTS main entrance. Students are responsible for removing all of the materials and chemicals they bring into the building.

View the Material Use and Disposal Guide for more information

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