What To Wear To An Interview

First Impressions are key! Use these guidelines to help ensure you know how to dress for your next interview*:

Casual Attire: Start-Ups, Tech

Business Casual: Nonprofit, Government, Education, Media, Design

Professional Attire: Healthcare, Hospitality, Marketing, Sales, Finance

*Keep in mind that company dress varies between industries, so use these suggestions in conjunction with your own research! 

Quick Tips

  • Research the company or ask the recruiting manager how employees dress. Then, dress one step up from that. You should be slightly more polished than the company's everyday work attire.
  • Sit in front of a mirror with your interview outfit on to see how it looks while sitting (this is how the interviewer will see you). Is your skirt too short? Do your clothes bunch up awkwardly? 
  • No matter what job you interview for, bring a notepad, pen and extra copies of your resume, ideally in a polished-looking portfolio or folder.
  • Show your interviewers respect by turning your phone off and keeping it out of sight.